Did You Know? Kang Hoon Lost 9kg for His Role in ‘A Time Called You

“A Time Called You” star Kang Hoon shared his preparations for his drama comeback, and almost lost 9kg in order to bring his character to life. 

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Kang Hoon Returns With Notable Performance in ‘A Time Called You’

Kang Hoon met the viewers again with another noteworthy work. Following his appearance in “Little Women,” the actor impressed many with his performance in “A Time Called You.”

A Time Called You

(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

Rising star Kang Hoon headlined the newest Netflix series “A Time Called You” alongside Jeon Yeo Bin and Ahn Hyo Seop. He portrayed the role of Jung In Gyu, a high school student who has his eyes on Kwon Min Ju, and best friend of Nam Si Heon. 

A week after the drama was released, the male star sat down for an interview where he talked more about his comeback drama and the preparations he made for his role. 

The young actor confessed that it felt strange to see himself wearing a high school uniform, “It was awkward because it’s been a long time since I wore a school uniform, but when I went into filming inside a classroom, I felt nostalgic.”

A Time Called You

(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

He added that even though his character was good in academics, he preferred to pursue things related to art, which is similar to his in reality. 

To fully immerse himself in his role, Kang Hoon thought about himself during middle school, and the times he spent with his friends, and used the emotions he had to express in Jung In Gyu’s character. 

Is It True? Kang Hoon Lost 9kg for His Role in ‘A Time Called You’

Showcasing his dedication to his craft, Kang Hoon revealed that he had lost almost 9kg for his role in “A Time Called You.”

A Time Called You

(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

“The Red Sleeve” star explained that since exercise was not yet popular before, he used to have a skinny appearance. With that, Kang Hoon, who weighs about 74 to 75 kilograms, started to lose almost 9kg. He used his high school appearance as a reference to bring In Gyu to life.

With all his effort and preparation, Kang Hoon indeed successfully did a great job of immersing himself in Jung In Gyu’s character.

A Time Called You

(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

Kang Hoon has been gaining more attention after his back-to-back projects. In 2021, he starred in the record-breaking series “The Red Sleeve” along with Lee Junho and Lee Se Young. Through this project, he bagged his first-ever Best New Actor award. 

In 2022, he joined the stellar cast of the Korean adaptation of the famous series “Little Women.” In the first half of 2023, he introduced himself as Kim Si Yeol in the historical-romance series “The Romantic Guesthouse.”

Following the success of “A Time Called You,” many are now looking forward to his upcoming projects.

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