Did You Know? Park Seo Joon Stayed at BTS V’s House for 2 Months – Here’s Why

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Park Seo Joon revealed that he needs to stay at BTS V’s house for a couple months after returning from filming overseas.

During his appearance on the YouTube channel “Channel Fullmoon” with PD Na Young Seok, the duo is preparing a special celebration for V’s enlistment and, at the same time, for his birthday on December 30.

PD Na and “The Marvels” star made sure to cook a traditional birthday dish that includes seaweed soup as well as the classic japchae and braised beef.

Park Seo Joon went to greater lengths and made a homemade cake for the BTS member.

As the duo prepared the food and everything for their surprise, the “Itaewon Class” star shared his remarkable friendship with the K-pop star.

Park Seo Joon Tells PD Na He Lived in V’s Home for 2 Months

According to him, he had his home renovated and had to vacate the property for 4 months.

“I actually planned the reno so it could be finished while I was overseas filming. But the filming ended early. So when I came back, I had nowhere to go.”

Park Seo Joon

(Photo : Park Seo Joon’s Official Instagram )


(Photo : BTS Official Instagram)

Thankfully, V, who lives 5 minutes away from him, offered his house and stayed with him for 2 months.

“Taehyung had an extra room at his house. So I told him, ‘I think that room is mine. Can I stay there? ‘ And Taehyung said yes right away.”

According to him, although he is barely at his house because of his tight schedule in Korea, V’s parents know him and even Seo Joon’s parents and have met a couple of times.

“And there would be times when only his parents would be the only ones home. So, they would welcome me, saying, ‘Oh, you’re home,’ and I would eat with them. I would ask, ‘Where is Taehyung’? ,” he said, as translated by a news portal.

Choi Woo Shik Reunites With Wooga Squad— Here’s What Happened

(Photo : Choi Woo Shik Instagram)

Park Seo Joon and BTS’ V are both members of the celebrity clique Wooga Squad, along with Park Hyung Sik, Choi Woo Shik, and Kwon Sung Hwan, also known as Peakboy.

What’s Next for Park Seo Joon?

Park Seo Joon

(Photo : Awesome Entertainment’s Instagram)

After wrapping up “The Marvels,” Park Seo Joon’s first Hollywood project, the actor returns to South Korea to conclude his upcoming projects.

Among his soon-to-be released on-screen projects is his K-drama comeback with Han So Hee.

Headlining “Gyeongseong Creature,” he takes on the role of the local named Jang Tae Sang, who has amazing skills in investigation.

He stumbled upon Yun Chae Ok, portrayed by Han So Hee, who is in their town looking for someone-until they discover a dark secret inside a local hospital.

Slated to be released on December 22, “Gyeongseong Creature” is a two-part K-drama helmed by Jung Dong Yoon of “Hot Stove League” and “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.”