Did You Know? THIS ‘Physical: 100’ Season 2 Player’s Mother is a Legendary Model? Who is He?

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“Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground” cast delighted viewers as the Netflix series introduced a variety of participants. Among the fan favorites is Olympic athlete Andre Jin.

Born in Seoul to a South Korean mother and an American father, he is a retired rugby player and is also a member of the Asia Rugby Athletes Committee.

In addition to this, Andre Jin is also the first naturalized foreign player on South Korea’s national rugby team.

One of the highlights of his athletic career is competing in the men’s tournament at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

A month after “Physical: 100” season 2 wrapped up, Andre Jin made an appearance in JTBC’s “Knowing Brothers” along with fellow athletes Julien Kang and Jeon Tae Pung.

Andre Jin Compares ‘Physical: 100’ Season 2 Challenges to Rugby

In a teaser, the variety show invited the trio for an entertaining episode.

One of the questions asked about the “Physical: 100” season 2 cast is about his experience during the Netflix reality survival show.

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In the 9 episode TV show, Andre Jin was voted as one of the team leaders who will represent their group. Joining him on his team are Chang Yong Hyung, Park Woo Jin, cosplayer Power Who Yami, and Olympic swimmer Jung You In.

According to him, being on the Netflix survival game “was as difficult as playing rugby” since the players needed to endure grueling tasks that almost seemed impossible.

Apart from showcasing his skills as a true team leader, viewers also witnessed his intense showdown with contenders, especially with fellow team leader Kim Dong Hyun.

“For both ‘Physical: 100 Season 2’ and rugby, you have to have good physical strength, but you also have to have a good brain,” he jokingly said, as mentioned by a media outlet.

In a separate interview, Andre Jin told Collider that he has no intention to be a team leader and was “hoping to be picked” by someone to be on their team.

“It’s, I think, less pressure. I’ve been part of a lot of teams and my professional career, and sometimes it’s better to be picked and just do your role,” he said.

Andre Jin Recalls Unforgettable Moment With His Mother

Andre Jin’s mother is the legendary first-generation model Kim Dong Soo.

One of the country’s OG supermodels in the 1980s, she was the first South Korean model to walk in Paris and Milan fashion shows.

During his guest appearance in JTBC’s “Knowing Brothers,” he proudly introduced his mother as “a model who received a presidential commendation.”

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However, the former rugby player hilariously revealed what kind of mother she is when they are at home.

“She nags me so much at home that I looked for a place to live alone,” Andre Jin mentioned, making the guests and hosts laugh.