Dior’s ‘One-of-A-Kind’ Treatment for Global Ambassador Jisoo

Dior’s special treatment of Jisoo never fails to impress her fans

Since officially becoming Dior’s global ambassador, Jisoo has received exclusive privileges from the top luxury brand in France. Although more and more Korean stars have been confirmed as the brand’s ambassadors, Dior’s special privileges for Jisoo have remained unchanged. In fact, the BLACKPINK member is even called the “Dior princess” because she is lavishly pampered by the fashion house.

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Recently, Jisoo once again demonstrated the extraordinary treatment from Dior after the Lady Dior exhibition in Seoul.

Specifically, Ha Chong Hyun, the leading Korean artist known for his famous monochromatic artworks worldwide, sent Jisoo a handbag that was displayed at the recent Lady Dior exhibition. It’s worth noting that this is one of the four limited edition bags from Dior’s limited edition collaboration with Ha Chong-hyun.

jisoo blackpink dior

Furthermore, Ha Chong Hyun personally sent a message to the BLACKPINK member: “Continue to give good dreams and hope to young people around the world through great songs and dance.”

The unique and special gift from Dior sent to Jisoo has left the online community in awe. With just one glance, Jisoo now owns an incredibly unique bag that many people dream of, highlighting the impressive treatment that only the brand’s global ambassador receives.

Prior to this, Dior also showed special favoritism towards Jisoo after the Lady Dior event ended. Besides their warm reception, the renowned beauty also had a dedicated video recorded at the event for release on various media platforms, while other ambassadors only appeared together in one video. This serves as evidence of her title as the “Dior princess.”