Director Park In Je Says ‘Moving’ Season 2 is All ‘Up to Kang Full’ — Is the Sequel Possible?

Director Park In Je talked about the possibility of “Moving” season 2 and the chemistry of the cast members.

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In an interview with a media outlet, the filmmaker, who is also the genius behind the hit K-drama “Kingdom” season 2, teased viewers about having a sequel.

Based on the webtoon created by Kang Full, who is also the screenwriter of the series, “Moving” is a 20-episode K-drama that follows the story of humans with special abilities.

Since the sci-fi mystery K-drama was released, viewers were drawn to the mind-boggling and entertaining story of “Moving.” With this, the Disney+ series received overwhelming praise from viewers, who are looking forward to seeing the second season.

Will There Be ‘Moving’ Season 2? Here’s What Director Park In Je Said

When asked about this, Director Park In Je confessed that it was not just up to him. Since “Moving” is solely based on the webtoon created by Kang Full, the director said that it all depends on the officials and the screenwriter.

Park In Je

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Kang Full

(Photo : News 1 Korea )

However, if given a chance, Park In said that he would definitely work on “Moving” season 2.

“I learned a lot while working on ‘Moving,’ so I will make Season 2,” he said, adding, “If I were to take over, I think there would be an even more upgraded screen,” referring to more intense action stunts.

As of this writing, there’s no confirmation yet regarding a possible sequel, but rumor sparked that if “Moving” season 2 pushes through, Yoo Seung Ho might play the role of Young Tak, who made a cameo in episode 16.

The latest K-drama is a part of Kang Full’s other works like “Timing” and “Bridge,” which are all connected to one another.

It can be recalled that Young Tak is a part of the webtoon “Timing” and is said to be one of the most powerful human beings since he holds the ability to stop time.

There were rumors that Yoo Seung Ho might play the mysterious character because of the hints seen in “Moving” episode 16.

Park In Je on Having Star-Studded Cast Lineup for ‘Moving’


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There’s no denying that “Moving” managed to secure top stars in one frame, whether they are playing the main characters or supporting roles. According to the director, he felt very lucky and honored to “always work with great actors.”

Moreover, he also took the opportunity to thank everyone, especially “Kim Jong Soo, Yoo Seung Mok, and Jeon Seok Ho, who were willing to take on small roles.”

“Moving” stars Jo In Sung, Ryu Seung Ryong, and Han Hyo Joo as black ops agents, while Kim Sung Kyun and Cha Tae Hyun are the adults who harbor the same special powers as the trio.

Adding to the list are the up-and-coming stars Go Yoon Jung, Lee Jung Ha, and Kim Do Hoon, who inherited the abilities of their parents.

Unfortunately, “Moving” is in its final week, with episodes 18-20 airing on September 20.