Disney+ CEO Sheds Light on Rumors About ‘Moving’ Season 2

Disney+ Korea CEO set the record straight regarding the highly-anticipated “Moving” season 2.

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Following the successful first season of the webtoon-based K-drama, viewers are looking forward to the continuation of the mystery-thriller series headlined by a star-studded cast.

‘Moving’ Season 2 is Possible, Says Disney+ CEO

In a report cited by a news portal, Kim So Yeon, the CEO of Walt Disney Company Korea, answered the media’s question regarding the potential of releasing “Moving” season 2.


(Photo : Disney+ Korea)

During the 2023 Disney+ Open House, the CEO said that sequels for the series are currently in talks and they are “definitely considering Moving Season 2.”

Moreover, the Disney+ Korea official mentioned how they are confident that the webtoon-based K-drama will be a sure hit with viewers.

“We have been discussing it since the beginning because Kang Full’s work has a broad worldview and potential,” she said, adding, “We knew Moving would be successful, so we have been open [to the possibilities of Season 2] and discussing it.”

In addition, the Disney+ Korea CEO expressed their likeness to “do Season 2” and hints that Kang Full, the webtoon creator and screenwriter of the series, “will start the story” after taking his break, following the season finale of “Moving.”

The eagerness of the streaming platform to release a new sequel comes after the good result of the show’s initial release.

To add, the Disney+ Korea CEO said that “Moving” is the platform’s “most successful work among all content since the launch of Disney+,” marking it as the “turning point” for the company.

The 20-epiaode K-drama wrapped up the season on September 20, giving viewers a striking finale episode.

Disney+ also unveiled the show’s last three episodes, showcasing how the gifted ones defeated the North Korean army.

In addition, viewers also praised the series for featuring the story of the antagonists and how they end up being villains.

Signs ‘Moving’ Season 2 Is Possible


(Photo : Disney+)

As mentioned, “Moving” is based on the webtoon written by Kang Full; however, apart from it, he also created “Bridge” and “Timing,” which are all related to the 20-episode series.

In different episodes, various characters from two webtoons appeared in the drama; among them is the student named Young Tak, who has the ability to stop time.

Moreover, the Jeongwon High School guard named Hwang Ji-Sung and student Shin Hye Won are both high-ranking officials of the NIS and both characters in one of Kang Full’s webtoons.

In addition, the post-credits featured the new head of the NIS, suggesting intense changes within the organization.

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