Dispatch confirms Kim Hieora bullied 3 people and apologized to them 7 times, “I hope she admits her faults”

Dispatch has identified 3 victims of Kim Hieora’s school violence until now

Dispatch recently revealed that Kim Hieora apologized to three victims 7 times. The actress reportedly apologized after calling the three for the first time. She then met 2 victims in person and apologized to them. She issued a statement and apologized to 2 of them (again).

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Kim Hieora began to reach out to victims 1, 2, and 3 on May 19th. These three were not Dispatch informants. Kim Hieora made phone calls with the three, visited them, and apologized to them.

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According to Dispatch, Kim Hieora texted the three victims, “I hope you don’t misunderstand me”, before posting her position on Instagram denying the school violence allegation. The victims were dumbfounded by Kim Hieora’s changes of words so they expressed frustration, asking “Then what do you call your actions of hitting us?”

In fact, two of the victims had forgiven Kim Hieora due to her sincere apology at that time so they did not report to Dispatch. One refused to forgive so they were the first person Kim Hieora wanted to meet and apologize in person. An acquaintance said, “As soon as the school violence report broke out, Kim Hieora asked for the contact information first. I wondered why she was in such a hurry?”.

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The victims had accepted Kim Hieora’s apologies. But if Kim Hieora hadn’t refuted her school violence act, they would have revealed nothing. What these victims actually want is Kim Hieora’s recognition of her wrongdoings, not excuses.

A victim said, “I want to believe in her sincerity when apologizing to me in May. I tried to forget the painful memories when I saw her tears. But seeing her denying the school violence allegation…. my heart hurts again. I want her to admit her faults”

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Dispatch also found a comment by a family member of a victim hinting at Kim Hieora’s school violence in an article released in 201X, saying “Kids like you are hiding your past and openly doing activities. This interview is so funny. I’ll reveal it one day when you become more famous”.

A victim confessed, “I didn’t know that it would be this difficult to tell the truth. Why do the third parties come forward to slander and frame the victims? They didn’t even know what happened to us…”. It is known that the victims are still anxious about malicious attacks, pressure and threats. 

Source: Naver