Dispatch pieces together the scheme of Lee Sun Gyun’s blackmailers

Article: [Exclusive] “Scammed by the Katalks of two women” the secret scheme behind Lee Sun Gyun’s blackmail

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Source: Dispatch via Nate

[+403, -42] So if this is all something that he was “scammed” into as a victim, then does that mean he’s never gone to these parlors? He’s never gone to the house of the madame? He was lying when he said he took something through the nose?? You really want us to believe that he was completely scammed by these texts and was taken to the parlor against his will?

– [+215, -28] Yeah, someone really must’ve threatened him to go to these parlors or else ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he was also forced into telling the madame “You know I really like you, right?” ㅠ

– [+173, -17] What other kind of ending is there for a married man getting involved with a room salon madame?

[+256, -23] Dispatch keeps trying to paint Lee Sun Gyun as some innocent victim in all of this but let’s not forget that he is a cheater. If he had not committed this affair, he would be alive right now, tsk tsk.

[+219, -20] I have no idea what any of this is or what’s going… sigh… I just feel bad for him.

[+157, -14] Dispatch is hilarious. What’s the point of going into all of this when he’s already dead?? Where was all of this when he was still here ㅋㅋ 

[+38, -0] He never should’ve gotten involved with these women in the first place, especially as a married man with kids… tsk tsk

[+31, -0] Dispatch is trying to make it seem like he was kidnapped, forced into a room salon, and forced to stuff drugs up his own against his will ㅋ

[+20, -0] Yeah, sure, but let’s start with what led to him being blackmailed in the first place?

[+18, -0] Why’d he pay up 300 million won anyway? If it had nothing to do with the drugs, was he just scared of being exposed to the media for being a cheater? 

[+17, -0] Such a long article, and for what? What does any of this matter anymore?

[+15, -0] So Dispatch, how do you explain why he was over at that madame’s house??? Did someone hold a knife to his throat and tell him to say “I like you”???

[+15, -1] There was no reason for him to ever get so close with a madame

[+14, -0] Enough’s enough. If you truly care for the dead, you will stop bringing up all this talk about drugs, room salons, the madame. We are not fools. We know that this story can’t be changed into something where he was forced, where he was the victim… 

[+9, -0] He never would’ve even known who these b*tches were if he was never going to those places in the first place

[+9, -0] What does any of this matter now that he’s dead? The facts remain that he was at these room salons, he was at the madame’s house. None of this would’ve happened if he never chose to go there.

[+7, -0] Whether it was two women blackmailing, or three… what does it matter when there is a record of a phone call where he told her that he likes her and was in and out of her house? So let’s please stop…

[+6, -0] The first wrong in this entire mess is a married man with a family going to a parlor