Dispatch reveals New Jeans was technically put together by Source Music

Article: [Exclusive] “The source of New Jeans is actually Source Music”

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Source: Dispatch via Nate

[+231, -7] So she acted like she created them this whole time when she basically picked them out of Source.. I wonder, had the group flopped, would she have taken responsibility for their failure as well?

[+176, -9] ㅋ Laughable to me that she acts like some artistic mind when she herself has taken inspiration and reference from several other people’s works and media

[+148, -9] She loved telling the media that she created New Jeans from scratch, from the auditions to the debut… but she basically picked them out of a lineup of trainees that were already picked. She is pretty narcissistic.

[+25, -2] New Jeans’ mother~ and yet Bang Shi Hyuk funded all of their training, and paid the mother a separate fee on top of that every month ㅋㅋ

[+18, -3] Hee Jin-ah, just leave New Jeans behind. You go pick your new trainees from scratch and debut them under your own agency.

[+14, -1] There is no company on this earth that would find her behavior acceptable, of leaking internal information to other competitors

[+10, -2] She is blind with greed

[+6, -13] I can find fault with both parties, but it’s concerning that the media is only taking Hybe’s side…

Article: Min Hee Jin, the irony of being fine with New Jeans being called ‘BTS dongsaeng’ but unacceptable that they’re ‘ILLIT’s unnis’

Source: TV Daily via Nate

[+221, -8] The article title ended her ㅋㅋㅋ

[+141, -5] Min Hee Jin seems to be under the impression that the world revolves around her

[+90, -3] This is as if a nanny is trying to claim the kids she babysits are her own

[+57, -1] Basically, she enjoys the perks her kids get from BTS but does not want to pass the same perks down to ILLIT

[+13, -1] If we’re going by her logic, then BTS is technically under Big Hit and New Jeans is Ador so why did she feel it was okay to use BTS to promote her group but her group can’t be used to promote another subsidiary’s group?

[+3, -0] Now that’s a headline

Source: YouTube

[+345] All the evidence collected of internal information… feels like this needs to be taken to court for any of it to be revealed. I wonder when the legal action will begin.

[+732] I always found the side trying to appeal to emotions instead of hard numbers to be the fishy one…

– [+70] Can’t expect her to reveal her cards before even stepping in court

[+147] There’s just a lot of evidence at this point of her soliciting internal information, and all she’s been doing to the public is pleading her emotions on this case instead of explaining why she was doing all that…

[+490] Bang Shi Hyuk would be insane to let his stocks tank to claim something that he doesn’t have…

[+158] I just find her excuses so pointless in all of this…

[+375] 700 billion won was lost in market capitalization, this is not a scandal about whether she gets to take New Jeans or not, it’s a fight for Hybe management. All those claims about Hybe copying New Jeans or whether or not Min Hee Jin created New Jeans does not matter at all in the grand scheme of the scandal. All we have to do is grab our popcorns and enjoy.

[+123] Fifty was a barely debuted group from a small agency… Min Hee Jin is quite ballsy to try to steal a tier 1 group from an agency as big as Hybe from right under their nose ㅋㅋㅋ I don’t think even a bigger agency than Min Hee Jin would dare to do such a thing

[+14] Seems reporters already knew about her internal dealings, which is why none of them are taking her side. They know that she’s been scheming to take New Jeans with her no matter what.

[+12] One thing’s for sure based off of what Hybe’s revealed so far is that what Min Hee Jin is hoping to achieve is nothing short of a miracle. All the cards are in Bang Shi Hyuk’s hands, whether he chooses to tame her or throw her out for good. 

[+3] Newft Newfty 

[+4] I just don’t see a scenario out where Min Hee Jin gains to benefit anything at all from this