Disrespectful or Just Indifferent? Audience Reactions to TripleS’ Big Moment Spark Fury

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On May 14, all 24 members of the fourth-generation girl group TripleS appeared on The Show, performing their latest track “Non Scale.”

The performance itself was a highlight, but the real celebration came when TripleS secured their first-ever win on the program. Understandably, the members were overcome with emotion, delivering a stunning encore with an unprecedented number of idols on one stage.

While TripleS was visibly excited and emotional during their encore, not everyone in the audience shared their enthusiasm.

As the group started their encore, many audience members on the floor appeared preoccupied or indifferent, with some looking away or chatting amongst themselves. This lack of engagement did not go unnoticed by netizens.

(Photo : Twitter)
(Photo : Youtube (SS capture))

“This is absolutely insane,” one netizen commented, capturing the general sentiment of disappointment and anger. The indifference shown by a portion of the crowd was particularly glaring during what should have been a celebratory moment for TripleS.


In stark contrast, a group of male fans stood out with their enthusiastic support. Waving TripleS lightsticks and singing along, they ensured their voices were heard, adding to the celebratory atmosphere.

MALE FANS (Photo : Youtube (SS capture))

However, their spirited cheering seemed to annoy some other audience members, with one woman even seen covering her ears to block out the noise. When GIFs and pictures of the audience’s reactions circulated online, the backlash was swift. Fans expressed their anger, highlighting the disrespect shown to TripleS during such a pivotal moment.




“Whether you stan a group or not, many think fans should respect all idols, especially during such an exciting time,” one comment read, encapsulating the overall sentiment.