“Diva of the Deserted Island” Confirms October Premiere With Unveiled Teaser Poster

Park Eun Bin returns for another memorable role in Diva of the Deserted Island this October!

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Diva of the Deserted Island narrates the story of Mok-ha, a woman who dreams of becoming a diva but gets stranded on an uninhabited island.

Backed up by Baram Pictures and Kakao Entertainment, the series also boasts a brilliant creative team. Leading the production is Director Oh Choong Hwan of Big Mouth and Hotel Del Luna fame. Penning the script is Park Hye Ryun who wrote heartwarming and inspiring dramas such as Dream High and Pinocchio.

Director Oh and Writer Park previously worked on hit dramas Start-Up and While You Were Sleeping.

Along with the broadcast schedule confirmation, a teaser poster showing the scenery of crashing waves and an emerald sea on a quiet uninhabited island is highlighted.

On the poster, a huge SOS signal is seen as well as the phrase: “a story to save your drifting dream”. It gives the impression that people who have lost their direction and are trapped on their own deserted islands are sending a request for rescue.

Meet the Lead Cast of Diva of the Deserted Island

Playing the focal character, Park Eun Bin (Extraordinary Attorney Woo) portrays Seo Mok-ha. Rescued after 15 years from a deserted island, she fills her day with determination in an unfamiliar world and people. She hopes to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer.

Reuniting with Park Eun Bin since Stove League, Chae Jong Hyeop (Unlock My Boss, Love All Play) plays the character Kang Bo-geol, a broadcasting station producer in charge of music and entertainment programs. His fate entangles with Mok-ha when during his volunteer work, he discovers and rescues her who has been trapped on an isolated island for 15 years.

Next, Kim Hyo Jin (The Good Detective 2, Lost) takes the role of Yoon Ran-ju. She is a former top star who experienced a splendid life. But her popularity eventually fades. Unable to try anything because she is afraid to fail, she meets a turning point in her life when Mok-ha, a huge fan of hers appears dreaming to become a singer.

Cha Hak Yeon (Mine, Bad and Crazy) characterizes Kang Woo-hak. He is a broadcasting reporter with a unique bright energy and pleasant personality. After accidentally rescuing Mok-ha with his younger brother Bo-geol, he sincerely sympathizes with Mok-ha’s story and helps her physically and mentally.

Rounding up the lead cast is Kim Joo Hun (Dr. Romantic 3) who plays the role of Lee Seo-joon, the representative of the entertainment company to which Ran-joo belongs. He is an elite who has the perfect specs. Through his brilliance, he has grown a one-man agency into a large-scale entertainment company.

Diva of the Deserted Island is scheduled to air in October.

Source: xportsnews

Photo: tvN Drama