Doctor Slump Episode 11 Recap and Review: The Jeong-Ha Couple is Back!

Director Oh Hyun-jong
Screenwriter Baek Sun-woo
Cast Park Shin-hye, Park Hyung-sik, Yoon Park, Kong Seong-ha, Jang Hye-jin, Hyun Bong-sik
Episodes 16
Network jTBC
Korean Title 닥터슬럼프
Genre Comedy, Romance, Drama

Doctor Slump Episode 10 has the Jeong-Ha couple resolving the conflict between them and as the misunderstanding clears up, the couple doesn’t take long to get back together!

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Doctor Slump takes over jTBC’s Saturday-Sunday release Welcome to Samdal-ri, starring Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hye-sun. The plot follows Yeo Jeong-woo and Nam Ha-neul who have been living as two successful individuals, only for it to all come crashing down. Now, the two are forced to start afresh while sharing living quarters; reigniting a past rivalry that may lead to a possible romance.

-Doctor Slump Episode 11 Review Contains Spoilers-

Doctor Slump Episode 11 Recap

Jeong-woo and Ha-neul’s dating era begins once again and this time it is sure to last long as the two get over their misunderstandings and promise to stay together forever. The two then begin complimenting each other, while being completely submerged in this happy feeling that getting back together has brought to them.

Later, Ha-neul goes back home in a happy mood which surprises her family as they begin to come up with reasons behind this behaviour. Unaware of this, Ha-neul continues to talk to her boyfriend while on call and he suggests she come upstairs to this room for some late-night snacks.

Ha-neul sneaks out with some of her mom’s kimchi and goes upstairs to spend time with her boyfriend. She then tells him to keep their relationship a secret at work while she will reveal it to her family soon. Later, she ends up staying the night with Jeong-woo and the two cuddle with joy.

Doctor Slump Episode 11 Review
Doctor Slump Episode 11 still

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The next morning, Won-seon goes to the terrace and sees Jeong-woo’s window open, but when she goes to close it she sees Jeong-woo cuddling with a woman. Won-seon is shocked by this and assumes that he has moved on while her daughter is still in distress. Jeong-woo too sees her and tries to explain the situation but Ha-neul stops him.

With this, a misunderstanding has been created and Won-seon is furious at Jeong-woo, while Ha-neul does not reveal anything. Later, Won-seon shows her anger towards Jeong-woo by subtly hitting him on his way to work. Jeong-woo stops Ha-neul at this moment but is surprised when she ignores his plea.

At work, Ha-neul tries to make it up to Jeong-woo but he sulks because of being misunderstood. He is then taken for a photography session to promote the clinic during which his coworkers ask about his relationships and he tells them that he is single. This is heard by Ha-neul who gets angry with what he said.

The team is then taken to lunch during which Jeong-woo messes up again when he points out that Ha-neul could use some work on her face. This angers her further and she confronts him about the same after lunch. She points out his mistake of telling her that she needs work done on her face and telling everyone that he is single while he tells her that she was the one who asked him to hide their relationship from others.

He then tells her about how hurt he was when she hid their relationship from her mother which made her misunderstand him. He then blames her for not understanding how hurt he was and seeing her reaction to this, he asks her MBTI. The conversation gets interrupted here and the two return to work.

Doctor Slump Episode 11 Review
Doctor Slump Episode 11 still

When it is time to leave, Jeong-woo follows Ha-neul’s lead and takes the bus with her, but only one seat is available. Ha-neul is moving towards it when the bus suddenly jerks and Jeong-woo is thrown onto the empty seat. He is relieved but soon realises that he just took Ha-neul’s seat and this further complicates their misunderstanding.

Upon reaching home, Ha-neul sighs upon recollecting the day’s events and thinks of what they really should be doing instead of fighting like this. Ba-da then arrives and reminds her of their mother’s birthday and sees that she has been checking out a restaurant. This makes him believe that she is planning to take their mother out on her birthday and tells her to make the reservations for the whole family.

Ha-neul does so and continues to wait for Jeong-woo to send her a message of some sort. Meanwhile, Jeong-woo tries to send an apology but remembers Ha-neul telling him that she does not like talking to people when she is upset. This makes him put down the phone and go to sleep.

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The next day, Won-seon comes to the rooftop while talking to her sister-in-law and is angered when she starts taunting Ha-neul. She then turns to find that Jeong-woo’s garbage has the same brand of water bottle Ha-neul brought home the previous day from her “jog”. She is doubtful for a moment and is surprised when she sees the broken plate Ha-neul was using the night before.

Won-seon is sure that Ha-neul and Jeong-woo are dating and catches the latter once again when he is leaving for work. She then confronts him about the same and her doubts are now confirmed. She then asks Jeong-woo to do her a favour, and later when at the restaurant with her children, Won-seon asks for another plate to be set up.

Doctor Slump Episode 11 Review
Doctor Slump Episode 11 still

Ha-neul thinks that she is doing this for her uncle but soon sees Jeong-woo enter which surprises her. Jeong-woo then explains that Won-seong knows about the two and the burden is lifted from their shoulders. Won-seon and Ba-da too accept Jeong-woo into the family and they go back to getting seated.

Meanwhile, Ha-neul pulls Jeong-woo out and asks about what is happening. Jeong-woo tells her about what happened earlier in the day. The topic then moves to why Jeong-woo hadn’t called her all this time and he tells her that it was because of what she had said. Ha-neul tells him that he shouldn’t hold back like this as not talking to him is more upsetting than anything else.

The misunderstandings finally clear up and the two go back to celebrating Won-seon’s birthday during which Ha-neul reveals that she is working with Jeong-woo. On the other hand, another couple is getting closer as Hong-ran thanks Dae-young for taking care of her son with some macarons for his daughter and he thanks her when she helps him buy underwear for his daughter.

Elsewhere, after the birthday celebrations, Jeong-woo and Ha-neul are back on the terrace and talking about Ha-neul’s family. Suddenly, Jeong-woo realises that Ha-neul never asked about his family and she tells him that she had seen his mother back in school and knows the kind of family he belongs to.

Doctor Slump Episode 11 Review
Doctor Slump Episode 11 still

Doctor Slump Episode 11 Ending

Soon, Jeong-woo opens up about the wounds inflicted on him by his parents because of this he gets used to his loneliness and gets closer to Kyung-min. Ha-neul feels sad for him but is unable to do anything. The next day, Ha-neul receives happy news from her psychiatrist who tells her that she is improving and cuts down on her medication.

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Soon, life goes back to normal for Jeong-woo and Ha-neul and during one of their bar dates, he reveals to her that he is aware that Kyung-min is not a nice person. Ha-neul asks him to elaborate on this and he tells her of how Kyung-min once spiked his drink. However, he swept the incident under the rug as he was the only person he could rely on back then.

Meanwhile, Kyung-min is planning something big as the new director of the pharmaceutical company. Right then, Jin-seok appears before him, asking to fulfil a promise made.

Doctor Slump Episode 11 Review
Doctor Slump Episode 11 still

Doctor Slump Episode 11 Review

The Jeong-Ha couple is back again and they are already serving us some cute couple moments that we absolutely love. Meanwhile, the intensity of the show is not going to lose any time as Kyung-min’s story is soon to reveal itself. With all these things taking place one by one, we can all begin looking towards the end of this show.

There is a high possibility that Kyung-min is related to Jeong-woo’s case and Ha-neul is determined to not let anything happen to her boyfriend. This is both cute and exciting as we prepare to see the actions she is soon going to take.

Altogether, this was yet another interesting episode and we are ready for what is to come next!

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