Doctor Slump Episode 14 Recap and Review: A Trip to Busan That Heals

Director Oh Hyun-jong
Screenwriter Baek Sun-woo
Cast Park Shin-hye, Park Hyung-sik, Yoon Park, Kong Seong-ha, Jang Hye-jin, Hyun Bong-sik
Episodes 16
Network jTBC
Korean Title 닥터슬럼프
Genre Comedy, Romance, Drama

Doctor Slump Episode 14 brings Jeong-woo and Ha-neul carrying their individual burdens that cannot be exchanged, however, there are those on whom they can rely and bring about a new healing.

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Doctor Slump takes over jTBC’s Saturday-Sunday release Welcome to Samdal-ri, starring Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hye-sun. The plot follows Yeo Jeong-woo and Nam Ha-neul who have been living as two successful individuals, only for it to all come crashing down. Now, the two are forced to start afresh while sharing living quarters; reigniting a past rivalry that may lead to a possible romance.

-Doctor Slump Episode 14 Review Contains Spoilers-

Doctor Slump Episode 14 Recap

The truth behind the incident at Jeong-woo’s clinic makes headlines which begins to affect Jeong-woo and Ha-neul’s life. Post her discharge from the hospital, Ha-neul is asked to visit the chief of the anesthesiology department at the hospital where she used to work. He apologises for what happened to her and thanks her for helping dig out the corruption taking place in his department.

He then offers her to rejoin as the assistant professor but Ha-neul is not sure about this. She shares the news with Hong-ran while also putting forth her feeling of guilt for having put so many people in trouble recently. Hong-ran tells her to not feel guilty as it is the bad ones who have gotten the punishment they deserve.

Ha-neul then tells her how she is unsure if she will be able to give her best and go back to working the way she used to. Her self-doubt is overwhelming right now and making her hesitate to take the job that she has always wanted. Elsewhere, Jeong-woo meets the nurse to whom Kyung-min had slipped a note before the incident.

Doctor Slump Episode 14
Doctor Slump Episode 14 still

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He asks her what was written on it and she tells him that Kyung-min had asked to lower the dose of the drug that was to be injected into the victim. Following the visit, Jeong-woo gets a call from his mother who tells him that she is visiting Seoul with his father and would meet him. Jeong-woo asks her about Kyung-min’s father’s incident before his exams and gets a nonchalant reply which makes him angry.

The incident has led Jeong-woo and Ha-neul to undergo untold emotions which they hide behind their smiles. While aware that the other person is also thinking about the changes that have happened in their lives due to recent events, the two stay silent and smile while holding hands as they move on.

Later, Wol-seon speaks of visiting Busan in the upcoming days and Ha-neul tells them that she will join them this time. Jeong-woo too asks if he can join and Wol-seon agrees. Post dinner, Ha-neul is with Jeong-wo during which Wol-seon talks to Ba-da and Tae-seon about how this trip could be good for the couple as they are both struggling these days.

On the day of the trip, Ha-neul overhears Jeong-woo talking to his parents and understands that he is trying to escape meeting them. The road trip soon begins during which Wol-seon and Tae-seon try to make the day fun by bringing out food and music. However, things don’t go as planned and especially miserable for Jeong-woo.

On the other hand, Dae-young brings Hong-ran and her son to a sauna for some fun time where he plays with her son while getting closer to Hong-ran. Meanwhile, Jeong-woo finds out that the reason for this trip is to visit Ha-neul’s father’s grave which makes him awkward. The group soon reaches their destination and Jeong-woo tells them that he will wait at a distance while they visit the grave.

Later, Ba-da cracks the family up with his stupid remarks while Jeong-woo observes the family from afar. As the night falls, the group goes to a nearby street restaurant which is part of their tradition when coming to Busan. As they exchange stories of the past Jeong-woo opens up about not knowing how to behave in such situations.

Doctor Slump Episode 14Doctor Slump Episode 14
Doctor Slump Episode 14 still

He has been worried about behaving inappropriately and Wol-seon tells him that there is no one way of missing a person and they choose to talk about happy memories during these visits. Later, Wol-seon and Jeong-woo get some time to talk and he finally opens up about the feelings that have made him miserable these past few days.

He speaks of how he isn’t strong enough to move on from the pain of Kyung-min’s death and deeds to which Wol-seon tells him that he should not think about that person. Jeong-woo agrees with her words however, he only remembers the memory of Kyung-min being the only person who showed up at his graduation with the formal suit that he had promised.

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He thinks of how Kyung-min made him his priority even though his graduation was just a few days after his father’s demise, while his parents never showed up. He can only remember the good things about Kyung-min now, but he is also trapped in the conflicting feelings of resentment and trying to understand him.

Wol-seon feels bad for him and tells him that one forgives another person for their self and not with the other person in mind. He should take his time when thinking about the situation with Kyung-min and shouldn’t force himself to forgive the man. Instead, she tells him to wait until he can move on from this pain and let time heal his wounds.

Jeong-woo breaks down in front of Wol-seon while Ha-neul sees this from afar and goes to Tae-seon. He asks her about the assistant professor job she has been given which he found out about when she received a message that he accidentally read. Ha-neul tells him about her self-doubt and he reminds her of the reason why she wanted to become an anesthesiologist.

She chose this field as it was an anesthesiologist who comforted her when her father was in a hospital. Later, working in this field made her understand the importance of her role. Ha-neul is comforted by his words and later decides to tell Jeong-woo about the offer. While the two are left alone, Ha-neul asks him about the call with his parents.

Doctor Slump Episode 14Doctor Slump Episode 14
Doctor Slump Episode 14 still

He tells her how he is unable to accept his parent’s attitude towards Kyung-min and the conflicting thoughts he has been having regarding Kyung-min. However, he is now much more at peace and has decided to follow his heart in whatever decisions he makes. He then asks her about the real matter she wanted to talk about and Ha-neul tells him about her job offer.

Jeong-woo is excited about this, but when Ha-neul tells him about her doubts, he tells her that this is the result of her hard work and is what she deserves. This assures Ha-neul that she is ready to begin a new chapter in her life. Soon, a farewell party is held for Ha-neul with everyone at the clinic.

Hong-ran joins the party during which Dae-young is teased with another woman which makes her angry and him fearful. Jeong-woo understands what is happening between the two and is amused by the happenings. Later, Dae-young tries to clear it up with Hong-ran and almost melts her when his co-worker arrives, trips, and accidentally kisses his cheek.

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Elsewhere, Jeong-woo and Ha-neul are ready for the new morning that is to arrive in their lives, especially as the former supports the latter in her new journey. The next morning, Ha-neul leaves to begin to live her dream, but Jeong-woo soon understands the troubles of being in a relationship with a full-time anesthesiologist.

Doctor Slump Episode 14 Ending

As Ha-neul cancels another date, Jeong-woo tries to stabilise his emotions by cleaning his house. He eventually falls asleep but wakes up to Ha-neul’s present to him. She leaves behind some coffee candies with a note telling him how much she misses him. He then receives a call from his lawyer and is stunned by the content.

He later discusses with Dae-young how the compensation he had paid during his trial was partially returned. He tells him about his plan to do something that will bring him and Ha-neul closer with his money and the scene shifts to Jeong-woo shopping for jewellery.

Later, he surprises Ha-neul at her office and tells her that he wants to do something meaningful with her. Ha-neul’s expectations rise but soon come crashing down when he tells her that he wants to help a little girl who requires surgery. He will be conducting this surgery in her hospital and will need her help during the process.

Ha-neul is proud of his work and tells him the same later, but also shows disappointment towards him when he raises her expectations. Jeong-woo tries to tease her but eventually turns to open his bag and pulls out a jewellery box which holds a ring for his beloved.

Doctor Slump Episode 14Doctor Slump Episode 14
Doctor Slump Episode 14 still

Doctor Slump Episode 14 Review

The Jeong-Ha couple shines bright once again while the Hong-Dae couple ensures the same amount of liveliness in their relationship which is unique and fun. Meanwhile, Wol-seon and Tae-seon provide the kind of support that everyone wants and are healing the hearts of many through their considerations.

The episodes are finally getting lighter with lesser complications and heartbreaks, and the right amount of uplifting themes and comedy. However, with another two episodes to go at this point, there is no doubt that our hearts also hold a fear of things going downhill. And here enter Jeong-woo’s parents who have already ignited our fire of hatred.

Let us hope that Jeong-Ha and Hong-Dae couple find happy endings in their stories in the upcoming finale with no shocks leaving us stunned.

Altogether, this was yet another wonderful episode and we are excited for tomorrow.

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