‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 16: Did Park Hyung Sik & Park Shin Hye Find Their Happy Ending?

After the biggest slump they encountered in their lives, will Nam Ha Neul (Park Shin Hye) and Yeo Jeong Woo (Park Hyung Sik) find their happy ending?

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Will they continue to pursue their dreams and love for each other despite the never-ending challenges in their lives?

Keep on reading to know what happened!

‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 16: Nam Ha Neul Receives Offer to Study Abroad

Doctor Slump
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Nam Ha Neul was ready to answer Yeo Jeong Woo’s proposal. However, on the same day that they planned to meet, Ha Neul received an unexpected offer of six months of training abroad, and the couple experienced trouble again. 

Indeed it was a good opportunity for Ha Neul’s professional career, but she still worries that it will take time to be away from her boyfriend. 

Jeong Woo saw her concern and reassured her not to worry and to come back if she wanted to. But it was not his honest feelings, he was just trying to comfort her. 

Bin Dae Young Parts Ways With His Loyal Employee

Doctor Slump
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Elsewhere, Bin Dae Young (Yoon Park) received help from Lee Hong Ran (Gong Seong Ha) with a patient’s complaint. He was more upset when his loyal employee Do Hye Ji resigned from work. 

Yeo Jeong Woo asked him to catch Hye Ji but Dae Young refused. He was enchanted by his friend’s words instead, who said that if it’s a dream of someone, it’s right to let it go. He doesn’t want to be greedy and stop Hye Ji from pursuing his dreams. 

Nam Ha Neul & Yeo Jeong Woo Overcome The Slump in Their Life

Doctor Slump
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Months later, Nam Ha Neul lost the opportunity to study abroad despite all the hard work and determination. Before Yeo Jeong Woo and her family could be informed of a tearful goodbye, she contemplated to say the truth. 

Fortunately, Yeo Jeong Woo learned that Nam Ha Neul’s overseas training had failed and calmed down the situation. Contrary to his worries, Nam Ha Neul was more resolute than expected. 

In the past, she might have blamed herself and broken down over this situation, but now she realized that when you don’t get the results you want despite the best efforts, you just have to be disappointed for a little while, and wait for the next good fortune, and quietly prepare for tomorrow. 

Doctor Slump
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Meanwhile, Yeo Jeong Woo prepared to open the hospital again under the consideration of Bin Dae Young. In the past, it was something that was taken for granted, but now, he considered it amazing and precious. 

Everyone found their happiness and started a fresh beginning in their careers and personal relationships. 

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