Doctor Slump Episode 4 Recap and Review: Failed Blind Date and Emerging Feelings

Director Oh Hyun-jong
Screenwriter Baek Sun-woo
Cast Park Shin-hye, Park Hyung-sik, Yoon Park, Kong Seong-ha, Jang Hye-jin, Hyun Bong-sik
Episodes 16
Network jTBC
Korean Title 닥터슬럼프
Genre Comedy, Romance, Drama

Doctor Slump Episode 4 shows Ha-neul’s happiness for having gained a friend while Jeong-woo fights the thought of being her first love, unaware that he too is now falling for her slowly. Later, Ha-neul faces another slump and Jeong-woo rushes to be by her side.

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Doctor Slump takes over jTBC’s Saturday-Sunday release Welcome to Samdal-ri, starring Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hye-sun. The plot follows Yeo Jeong-woo and Nam Ha-neul who have been living as two successful individuals, only for it to all come crashing down. Now, the two are forced to start afresh while sharing living quarters; reigniting a past rivalry that may lead to a possible romance.

-Doctor Slump Episode 4 Review Contains Spoilers-

Doctor Slump Episode 4 Recap

The episode begins with Ha-neul remembering how she began studying hard because she found it fun, however, it slowly moved to become something that was expected of her by her family. The pressure pushed her forward while friendship left her hand during those years. Now, she has finally found a friend in Jeong-woo and this feeling of happiness is filling up the emptiness inside her all along.

The two have fun on the beach and move to get something to eat, but Jeong-woo sees that Ha-neul is tired from having stayed up late to find evidence for him. Soon, Ha-neul falls asleep and Jeong-woo tries to cover her with his jacket but ends up having her fall on him. Unable to move from this position, he stays there and ends up falling asleep himself.

Doctor Slump Episode 4 Review
Doctor Slump Episode 4 still

Later, he wakes up and gets the news that his clinic has been sold and Ha-neul sees him hiding his sadness once again. She speaks up about it and Jeong-woo assures her that he is happy that he had the savings to help him out in this situation, and also those who were implicated because of him.

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Elsewhere, Wol-seong is worried for her daughter but is assured by the fact that she is out with her friend whom she assumes to be Hong-ran. However, she is shocked when Hong-ran drops by and makes her realise that Ha-neul is with someone else which makes her worried. Wol-seong rushes down and sees Ha-neul arriving with Jeong-woo which makes her surprised.

Right then, Hong-ran calls Jeong-woo Ha-neul’s first love which drops another bomb on everyone present there. Later, Ha-neul clears it to Hong-ran and her mother that Jeong-woo is not her first love and is only a friend of hers. She also tells them to stop assuming the worst about him because of the trial, but Wol-seong is unable to stop worrying and asks Hong-ran to find Ha-neul a blind date to distract her from Jeong-woo.

Hong-ran looks into it and finds Dae-young through another nurse who assumes that Hong-ran is asking for a blind date for herself. Meanwhile, Ha-neul asks Jeong-woo to join her in shopping and Jeong-woo assumes that she is being shy around him because he is her first love. He excitedly joins her for shopping and helps her purchase an outfit which leaves him mesmerised.

Doctor Slump Episode 4 Review
Doctor Slump Episode 4 still

She then thanks him and tells him about the time when he almost broke her wrists, however, he also helped her out with her studies after that. Jeong-woo assumes that this was the incident which may have gotten her to fall for him.

However, Ha-neul later tells him that she bought a dress because she has a blind date the next day and getting a male friend’s opinion is the best choice for such things. This shocks Jeong-woo and he laughs at himself for being so stupid. The next day, Ha-neul excitedly makes her way to the date, unaware that Dae-young is looking forward to meeting Hong-ran as she is his only other subscriber on NeoTube.

The two are unaware of each other’s true identity and intentions which makes up for an awkward interaction, which only gets weirder when the doubt is cleared when Dae-young rushes to chase his daughter. Ha-neul is frustrated by her first blind date experience and reveals what happened to Hong-ran.

Later, she meets Jeong-woo on her way back home and tells him how awful her date was; unaware that this statement made the sulking man happy again. While the two are walking back, Ha-neul’s aunts are at her uncle’s restaurant talking about her which makes Wol-seong frustrated to the point where she lies to them about Ha-neul’s boyfriend and upcoming wedding.

However, the lie is soon caught when Ha-neul and Jeong-woo arrive and deny the same. Hearing this, her aunts begin taunting her for getting kicked out of her job and not having a face that would attract people’s attention. They then turn to Jeong-woo and start asking about plastic surgery only to have him teach them a lesson and chase them out.

Later that night, Jeong-woo is assured by his lawyers that there is hope in his case. Suddenly, Ha-neul arrives at his door with alcohol and the two get into drinking, and once again begin a competition about whose life is worse. The two get drunk again and Jeong-woo tells her that being depressed is not a sin while Ha-neul tells him about how she felt throughout the day.

Doctor Slump Episode 4 Review
Doctor Slump Episode 4 still

Not being able to connect with Dae-young who spoke of his job, seeing Hong-ran hurry back to work, and later getting taunted by her aunts made Ha-neul feel bad. Hearing this, Jeong-woo suggests she get a new job and begin applying once again which fills Ha-neul with a newfound excitement.

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He then grabs a bottle of whiskey from his house after their alcohol is over and grabs an umbrella as it has begun to rain outside. As the two sit under the umbrella with their glasses, Ha-neul once again falls asleep on Jeong-woo and he is unable to stop himself from falling for her.

Doctor Slump Episode 4 Ending

The next day, Ha-neul wakes up to the news that she has an interview in a remote hospital and asks Jeong-woo for advice. He tells her to go for the interview as her asking him means that she has decided on it. She tells her family about the same and leaves for the interview. Meanwhile, Kyung-min has arrived to visit Jeong-woo and takes him out for a meal.

There he asks about Ha-neul and Jeong-woo finds out that Kyung-min ruined Ha-neul’s chances at this interview. He rushes to her while Ha-neul arrives at the hospital where she receives a call about the same. She heads back to the railway station in a disappointed mood and calls Jeong-woo to tell him about how she could not do the interview and believes that she has lived her life wrong.

Right then, a train arrives and Jeong-woo appears before Ha-neul to tell her that she didn’t live her life wrong and that this is not her fault.

Doctor Slump Episode 4 Review
Doctor Slump Episode 4 still

Doctor Slump Episode 4 Review

Another Kdrama and another green flag have appeared who is winning our hearts with his cuteness and the care that he is showing Han-neul. Jeong-woo is going to be another character we would wish to have in our lives because this man is doing his best for Ha-neul while in the middle of a bad slump himself.

While Jeong-woo is raising our standards again, Ha-neul is also showing us a beautiful side to herself which can see Jeong-woo’s emotions better than anyone. She is the only one standing on his side and their relationship through this slump is making us see the beauty that humans carry.

Meanwhile, it is Kyung-min who has us angered in this episode because just as Jeong-woo said, he could’ve explained the whole incident with Ha-neul instead of just saying the part that made her look bad. I’m truly excited to see this vicious cycle collapse soon and hope that the day when her professors and the others regret comes soon.

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