Doctor Slump Episode 5 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch!

Doctor Slump Episode 5 Preview: Ha-neul slowly begins to move forward, but having faced another slump it is now time to have some fun to move on. Meanwhile, Jeong-woo’s past comes haunting back to him.

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Doctor Slump (닥터슬럼프) is a new Korean medical rom-com that tells the story of two intelligent individuals who have been rivals throughout their school days. However, they will soon face each other again when they find each other at their worst moment and decide to become a place of comfort for each other.

Directed by Oh Hyun-jong, the drama stars Park Shin-hye, Park Hyung-sik, Yoon Park, Kong Seong-ha, Jang Hye-jin, and Hyun Bong-sik, alongside other cast members. Doctor Slump takes over the JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday 22:30 time slot previously occupied by Welcome to Samdal-ri.

Doctor Slump Episode 5 Preview

Doctor Slump Episode 5 Preview
Doctor Slump Episode 5 Preview still

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Doctor Slump Episode 4 Recap

Ha-neul and Jeong-woo begin their friendship on the cloudy beach while Wol-seong worries for her daughter after finding out that the friend she is out with is not Hong-ran. The two finally return and Wol-seong is shocked to see Ha-neul with Jeong-woo while Hong-ran blurts out that Jeong-woo is Ha-neul’s first love.

Ha-neul clears the misunderstanding to Hong-ran and her family, however, Jeong-woo doesn’t know this yet and is happy about being her first love. Later, Ha-neul asks him to go shopping and Jeong-woo finds himself falling for her. However, she soon breaks his bubble and tells him that she will be going on a blind date. Unfortunately, the blind date goes wrong and Ha-neul understands that she misses being at work more than anything.

Later, she tells Jeong-woo about the date which makes him happy after which the two face her aunts who insult Ha-neul. Seeing this, Jeong-woo counterattacks them resulting in the two running away. Later, Ha-neul arrives at the rooftop with drinks and the two get into their drunk talks once again.

The next day, Ha-neul wakes up to news of her being accepted for an interview at a countryside hospital and decides to try it. Jeong-woo supports her in this decision and wishes her best, however, he is soon surprised when he finds out that Kyung-min has ruined her chances when the hospital calls him and her colleagues to know more about her.

Jeong-woo rushes behind Ha-neul and finds her sulking at the train station where he tells her the self-balming woman that it was not her fault.

Doctor Slump Episode 5 Prediction

Ha-neul and Jeong-woo get together for another round of fun when another slump hits their lives, and Ha-neul asks him what he would do if he got a chance to be a student again. Jeong-woo tells her that he wishes to go back and hug her and when Ha-neul tells this to Hong-ran she calls it a confession.

Meanwhile, a sudden incident brings back traumatic memories from the operation room to Jeong-woo. But with Ha-neul by his side, is there a chance for his recovery?

Doctor Slump Episode 5 India Release Date and Time

The series will stream from January 27, 2024, to March 17, 2024. Episode 5 of the series will stream on February 10 at 10:30 PM KST (8:30 PM IST).

Where to Watch Doctor Slump

The JTBC series will stream internationally on Netflix.

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