Doctor Slump Episode 6 Recap and Review: From Toppers to Mental Health Patients Falling in Love

Director Oh Hyun-jong
Screenwriter Baek Sun-woo
Cast Park Shin-hye, Park Hyung-sik, Yoon Park, Kong Seong-ha, Jang Hye-jin, Hyun Bong-sik
Episodes 16
Network jTBC
Korean Title 닥터슬럼프
Genre Comedy, Romance, Drama

Doctor Slump Episode 5 brings Jeong-woo and Ha-neul’s day out which ends in the former’s traumatic memories. Meanwhile, the two are caught up in feelings they don’t understand while Jeong-woo is made to take a step back.

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Doctor Slump takes over jTBC’s Saturday-Sunday release Welcome to Samdal-ri, starring Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hye-sun. The plot follows Yeo Jeong-woo and Nam Ha-neul who have been living as two successful individuals, only for it to all come crashing down. Now, the two are forced to start afresh while sharing living quarters; reigniting a past rivalry that may lead to a possible romance.

-Doctor Slump Episode 6 Review Contains Spoilers-

Doctor Slump Episode 6 Recap

Ambivalence- the state of having contradictory feelings; the state that Ha-neul is in right now. However, hope arises within the despair that she is feeling right now and that is Jeong-woo, who has managed to mess up both her heart and mind as she rushes to hug him.

The next day, Jeong-woo gets a call from the investigator and finds out that getting fingerprints from the spy camera wouldn’t be easy. While he feels lost by this news, Ha-neul arrives and tries to explain her behaviour from the previous night. Jeong-woo cuts her off and tells her that it’s fine as it was a spur-of-a-moment thing but Ha-neul tells him that she hugged him because she wanted to.

Ha-neul then puts aside talking about her feelings and asks him if she suffers from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and confirms it through the symptoms that she lists to him. Seeing him blaming himself for the incident, Ha-neul takes him out shopping and gets wine and clothes to help him sleep better.

Doctor Slump Episode Episode 6 Review
Doctor Slump Episode Episode 6 still

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She then accompanies him to wash his bedding and confesses that she probably likes him, making Jeong-woo stunned. Ha-neul explains to him that she is not sure about her feelings as they can also be infatuation due to her current situation. Additionally, this is not the right time for Jeong-woo to think about this right now as he is not in the right place either.

Jeong-woo agrees with her and later tells her that he told that he missed her because that’s how he felt. This leaves Ha-neul amazed as she didn’t expect him to feel something for her either. However, Jeong-woo also tells her that he wants to wait and be in a better place when he confesses his feelings for her. Ha-neul then gets back to the real topic and asks Jeong-woo to see a psychiatrist but he is not too thrilled by the idea.

Later, Hong-ran arrives and takes Ha-neul away after finding out that she has been rejected by Jeong-woo. Hong-ran apologises for pushing her towards Jeong-woo, leaving ha-neul no room to explain the real situation. She then gets a message from Dae-young who asks her out for coffee.

Doctor Slump Episode Episode 6 Review
Doctor Slump Episode Episode 6 still

That night, Ha-neul receives a message from Jeong-woo, asking to play cards, which is supposed to signal that he had a nightmare. She rushes upstairs but finds Jeong-woo alright and he tells her that he is ready to go to a psychiatrist. The next day, the two make their way to Ha-neul’s psychiatrist and are later seen taking their medicine in the park.

Jeong-woo comments on how it is funny to see two toppers taking mental health medication years later which makes the two sigh. Later, Ha-neul gets excited over little things and Jeong-woo has to drag her to a karaoke place after the way she is acting. There, the songs he sings make Ha-neul think that he is confessing to her which only makes her embarrassed later when she tells him about this.

Doctor Slump Episode Episode 6 Review
Doctor Slump Episode Episode 6 still

Jeong-woo gets a topic to tease her and tells her that he wouldn’t confess to her in this way. However, he is thankful to her for being cheery to bring his spirits up. The two suddenly come across an old classmate who believes that she has a thing going on with Jeong-woo which makes Ha-neul jealous. As she finds her anger increases with each passing moment, she finally bursts out after their classmate leaves.

Jeong-woo tries to recall what their classmate had been talking about and finds Ha-neul in every memory that she has been talking about. The next day, Ba-da tells Ha-neul about a woman he wants to date who behaved the way Ha-neul behaved with Jeong-woo the other night. This makes Ha-neul realise what she had done and think of a way to talk to Jeong-woo as she understands that she was angered by jealousy.

She meets Jeong-woo with some dumplings from her uncle’s store and confesses that she had been jealous. She tells him about the word Ambivalence and how she had been feeling conflicted but now she thinks and worries about him. Adding in the jealousy to this mix only made things worse for her and left her confused.

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Jeong-woo also agrees that he has a lot he wants to tell her but can’t because of the turmoil going on around him. This makes Ha-neul intrigued as she asks him to reveal one of these things. He tells her that he likes her, making Ha-neul startled, while he continues to say that he is going strong through this time because of her.

He didn’t need to see a doctor until now because of her, but when the time is right, he will make sure to confess to her properly. The two later return home and Jeong-woo is about to tell Ha-neul about the spy cameras but Kyung-min arrives and Ha-neul leaves the two to talk. The two go to a nearby place and Kyung-min talks about his rude behaviour from last time.

Doctor Slump Episode Episode 6 Review
Doctor Slump Episode Episode 6 still

Doctor Slump Episode 6 Ending

Jeong-woo agrees that he was shocked to hear him say that but knows inside that what Kyung-min said was true. Elsewhere, the police find footage of a man leaving Jeong-woo’s house on the day when someone broke into his house. Meanwhile, Ha-neul is worried about Jeong-woo but is startled when his door suddenly bangs due to the wind.

She goes to close the door and sees his windows open as well which surprises her as she didn’t expect Jeong-woo to be so careless. She begins closing the windows and picking up the papers fallen when her gaze falls on a pen and she tries to pick it up. She gets hold of the pen but finds it weird.

Elsewhere, Jeong-woo is returning home when he notices that someone is following him. He tries to chase the man and finally pushes him but is surprised when he sees a spy pen fall out of him. He tries to see the man’s face but eventually fails when the man hits his head with a beer bottle.

Jeong-woo tries to chase him again but stops when he feels blood dripping from his forehead.

Doctor Slump Episode Episode 6 Review
Doctor Slump Episode Episode 6 still

Doctor Slump Episode 6 Review

The Jeong-Ha couple strikes again but this time they decide to keep viewers hanging with their unsaid confession, and this is right before Valentine’s Day. The love is clear in their eyes and hearts but as the two toppers who have once failed to understand their mental health, they are surely not ready to risk interpreting their feelings.

But jokes aside, it is surely refreshing to see the plot putting aside the romance and focusing on issues that need the focus of the protagonists. This is surely surprising as these issues are not just about Jeong-woo’s trial or Ha-neul’s joblessness, but also their mental health which has been affected.

Additionally, the clarity and focus that this show brings on accepting and taking mental health seriously is a winner in itself. Meanwhile, the romance between the two characters is heartwarming in another way as it leaves us hanging but also with smiles, making the wait to see their confession scene all the more precious and exciting.

Their romance is making us feel the high-school love vibes which is showing itself in adulthood, and the way the two actors are portraying this love is a perfect fit.

Altogether, this was another exciting episode for Jeong-Ha shippers.

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