‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 9: Park Hyung Sik Struggles At Work & Park Shin Hye Tries to Move On

Yeo Jeong Woo (Park Hyung Sik) tried to overcome anxiety as he returned to work. Nam Ha Neul (Park Shin Hye), struggled to move on from the recent breakup. Here’s what went down in “Doctor Slump” Episode 9.

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‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 9: Nam Ha Neul Tries to Move On From Yeo Jeong Woo

Nam Ha Neul recalled how she was betrayed by her former senior Kyung Min, and how she ended up with nothing while he has a good career. The betrayal and trust issues affected her relationship with Yeo Jeong Woo, and decided to break up with him.

Doctor Slump
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Following the breakup, Jeong Woo accepted Dae Young’s offer and temporarily moved into a place nearby.

Amid their breakup, the ex-couple went for a drink with their friends Hong Ran and Dae Young. After they got wasted and reached their respective homes, Ha Neul and Jeong Woo started to miss each other.

The next day, Yeo Jeong Woo went to Dae Young’s clinic and started his first day at work. Meanwhile, Won Seon planned to set Ha Neul on a blind date but was not sure if it was the right thing to do. Hence, she ended up convincing her daughter to date.

Wol Seon Apologizes to Nam Ha Neul

Doctor Slump
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Unfortunately, the date didn’t go well as the man badmouthed her, which angered her. She rushed home to confront her mother.

She was worried about lying to her daughter, while Ha Neul was still hurt for thinking that she was a failure.

Yeo Jeong Woo overheard that Ha Neul went on a blind date, which made him uncomfortable.

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Later on, after regretting what she did and realizing her mistake, Wol Seon apologized to Nam Ha Neul and handed the bank passbook that was set up by her father for her.

After an emotional confrontation and heartwarming conversation, the two made up, and Ha Neul forgave her mother.

Jeong Woo was angered by what he learned but realized that Ha Neul must have her reason for breaking up with him.

Yeo Jeong Woo Tries to Overcome Fears as He Returns to Work

Doctor Slump Still - Park Hyung Sik
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Elsewhere, Wol Seon asked Ha Neul if she missed Jeong Woo. She was surprised when her mom said that Jeong Woo was a rare gem and realized how happy her daughter was when she was with him. It made Ha Neul cry, and missed him even more.

The next morning, she found out that she accidentally messaged Jeong Woo, which shocked her. She was even more surprised to see him at the rooftop.

She explained that it was a drunk text. When he was about to leave, he asked her if he could wait for her. He wanted to wait for her until she got better. Ha Neul was left in a good mood.

Jeong Woo then arrived at the clinic and overwhelmed the clients but soon understood that it was because of his return to the field.

While he was happy with the response he was receiving, he was still trying to overcome his fears and anxiety due to his past trauma.