“Doctor Slump” Presents Park Shin Hye In Character As Workaholic Doctor

Park Shin Hye is back on the small screen!

The production team released still cuts of the actress assimilating into Nam Ha-neul, a diligent doctor who only knows about work.

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Doctor Slump threads on the story of two rivals who were reunited in the darkest period of their lives. In the process, they become each other’s light bringing excitement, laughter, and warm solace.

In charge of the production is Director Oh Hyun Jong (The One and Only, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo) and Writer Baek Sun Woo of My Roommate Is A Gumiho and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim fame.

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Park Shin Hye plays the character Nam Ha-neul, an anesthesiologist suffering from burnout syndrome.

Ha-neul, who was called a genius since she was born, became crazy about her studies with her brilliant brain and fierce efforts. Even after she achieved her career as a doctor, she became an adult who was crazy about her work. One day, she suddenly looks back on her own life, which has been ruined and vows to change her life.

Accordingly, the photos released by the production team reveal Ha-neul, who is taking an anesthesiology fellow course at a university hospital. She lives a busy and intense life at the hospital every day, and she had no time to take care of herself because she was busy taking care of her patients. Her lifeless face, as if she is tired of such repetitive daily life, attracts attention.

Next, she walks around the streets aimlessly. Her big eyes are filled with tears that seem ready to burst at any moment, adding to her curiosity. Attention is also focused on her complex and tense expression captured in an unfamiliar place other than a hospital. Expectations are even higher her story, which put the brakes on a life that had been focused only on the future.

Park Shin Hye reveals why she chose Doctor Slump as her comeback work.

I think everyone can experience a slump at least once in their lives. I also had that experience. As a result, I became agitated by the emotions felt by Haneul. Personally, I think I have shown a lot of genre works so far, so I wanted to say hello to a work that can provide healing in an everyday, ordinary story.”

Park Shin Hye, cited ’emotional changes’ as the main focus of her acting.

I had a chance to talk to a psychiatrist about my character, and he told me that just because she is depressed doesn’t mean she is helpless all day. She has a variety of emotions, but when she encounters a certain difficulty, she just momentarily loses track of how to overcome it. I think she acted with those aspects in mind. I wanted to portray the process of how Haneul, who was helpless and anxious, healed thanks to her family and Jungwoo.”

Doctor Slump premieres on January 27 on JTBC. International fans can watch it on Netflix.

Source: Sports Donga