“Doctor Slump” Shares Character Details of Park Hyung Sik

Making his small screen return, Park Hyung Sik portrays a star doctor experiencing a life downswing in Doctor Slump.

Doctor Slump threads on the story of two rivals who were reunited in the darkest period of their lives. In the process, they become each other’s light bringing excitement, laughter, and warm solace.

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In charge of the production is Director Oh Hyun Jong (The One and Only, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo) and Writer Baek Sun Woo of My Roommate Is A Gumiho and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim fame.

Portraying the role of Yeo Jung-woo, a star plastic surgeon who falls into the worst slump of his life is Park Hyung Sik. From his school days, he always took the first place. He becomes the “star doctor” from the best medical school in Korea with his skills and character.

Jung-woo’s life has been truly solid, from his school days when he was ranked first in the entire school to becoming a star doctor with both talent and personality.  However, a cryptic medical accident altered his ideal life.

“Doctor Slump” Commits To Deliver Comforting Messages To K-Drama Viewers

In the photos released today, Jung-woo’s soft smile, wearing a doctor’s gown, draws attention. As the representative director of plastic surgery, he lives a a life worth envying. He has captivated the hearts of not only patients but also employees and the public. The perfect person with warm visuals, sensible manners, skills, and personality.

However, Jung-woo falls to the bottom from the highest point, with nowhere else to climb. While the image of him receiving an award at a university alumni association shines brightly, another photo attracts attention as he is being investigated by the police. Attention is focused on what was the incident that changed his life and whether star doctor Jung-woo will make a comeback.

Doctor Slump

Regarding the reason for choosing Doctor Slump, Park Hyung Sik relays wanting to bring comfort to the viewers.

“The topic of slump touched me deeply personally. I know that many people experience burnout and slump in this intense and busy reality. I did the same, and it is something that everyone experiences at least once. I felt bitter when I thought about it. I thought it was a work that could give empathy and comfort by telling the story in a pleasant yet deep way.”

Park also shares more about his character and how he prepared for it.

“He was born as the son of a successful doctor, took an elite course, and lived an enviable life as a plastic surgeon. When he faces an unexpected incident, he falls into the worst slump of his life for the first time. I thought the most important thing was to express how I gradually overcame my slump through a positive mind and people around me who sincerely support me.”

Doctor Slump premieres on January 27 on JTBC. International fans can watch it on Netflix.

Source: joynews24