“Doona!” Captures Bae Suzy and Yang Se Jong In An Almost Kiss

From housemates to being more intimate, Doona! peeks at how the relationship between the lead stars progressed.

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Doona! traces the fates of Lee Won-jun, a college student, and the enigmatic ex-K-Pop idol, Lee Doona, as they meet and fall in love while living in a sharehouse.

Following the teaser trailer and character stills unveiled recently, Doona! unleashes its main poster.

The main poster captured the moment when Doona and Won-jun, who shared each other’s daily lives with jokes and sincerity, crossed the line of housemates and became closer.

Won-jun, who looks at Doona approaching with her eyes closed, cannot understand her sincerity and is helplessly immersed in the excitement that makes his heart explode, even though it is complicated.

The trailer released together captures Doona and Won-jun naturally blending into each other’s universe in all spaces and daily lives, including the sharehouse where the two live together, the quiet neighborhood, and Wonjun’s school.

Doona’s words, “I don’t fall in love with you. I will never fall in love with you,” lead to the narration, “You said that. We are people from different universes,” amplifying curiosity. Lonely and has no one to rely on, she meets Won-jun in a sharehouse and she feels strangely at ease.

She suddenly visits Won-jun’s classroom and bewilders him by saying, “Let’s eat.” Won-jun finds Doona annoying but strangely begins to feel excited. Won-jun, whose daily life and mind are disturbed by Doona’s irresistible approach, opens up his honest feelings, saying, “I don’t know why I keep getting greedy.”

Doona, who regains her smile while being with Won-jun, also realizes that Won-jun has grown bigger in her heart. At the end of the trailer, an unfamiliar voice calling ‘Lee Doona’ and the image of Doona opening her eyes are included, raising curiosity about what kind of unpredictable narrative will unfold.

Doona! be released on Netflix on October 20th.

Source: joynews24