Doona Kdrama Outfits: When Bae Suzy’s Chic Fashion in the Netflix Series Became the Plot

Putting together the best fusion of flashy idol fashion and casual daily outfit inspiration reeking of the Y2K style, Doona Kdrama outfits became one of the primary highlights of the latest South Korean series (이두나) on Netflix, starring Bae Suzy and Yang Se-jong in lead roles. Directed by Crash Landing on You director Lee Jung-hyo, the coming-of-age romance drama is based on Min Songa’s webtoon The Girl Downstairs. While its ending may have divided audiences watching the show worldwide, there’s one thing that everyone can agree upon without any sharp debate – Suzy’s fashion choices in the 9-part series.

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Although Lee Doona was a former K-pop star, perfectly represented by the ex-Miss A member, her outfits and their overall aesthetic screamed major college student energy, almost making us believe that Doona could easily slip into the shoes of a fashion major too if she wanted to. From adorable jumpers to crop tops galore and floral dresses that made our hearts beat faster, though Doona made every pick of hers work like magic, we’ve finally decided on some of our favourites (after struggling for hours) from the show.

Some of the Doona Kdrama Outfits We Loved Too Much

Bae Suzy Fashion – Lee Doona Dresses

1. Toile de Jouy White Puff Sleeves Dress from YCH (Yoon Chun-ho) in Episode 9

Doona Kdrama Outfits - YCH Dress

2. Black Mini Dress in Episode 9 (Last Scene)

The black outerwear is an embroidered lace and poplin mini-dress from Prada, whereas, the inner white piece is the ribbed knit jersey dress.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - Prada Dress

3. Black Lee Doona Dress in Episode 1

This is the Eve Dress from GLOWNY, which she sports with her Miss Chief ball cap and Dr Martens leather platform boots.

Doona Review - Bae Suzy

4. Doona’s Short Ivory Dress from the Basketball Game

The frill mini dress in ivory shade from the Not Your Rose brand. Doona wore this with her full sleeves white sweater while cheering on Won-jun during his university inter-department basketball game in Episode 3.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - Not Your Rose Dress

5. Short Black Dress from the First Kiss Scene

The floral black dress is the Dundrop downy hole waist point dress with an ivory bow on the neck that instantly grabs your attention at the end of Episode 4.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - DunDrop Dress

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6. Lee Doona Denim Dress in Episode 9

The denim one piece from Instant Funk can be seen in the first scene of the last episode. Doona pairs this one shoulder dress with her Awesome Needs marine cap.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - Instant Funk Dress

7. Custom Doona Kcon Japan Dress (Deni Cheur)

Doona appears in this dress while performing with her ex-DreamSweet members in moments spread across the season’s several episodes. It’s the same dress in which she collapses in the first scene of the first episode.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - Deni Cheur Dress

8. Puff/ Off Sleeves Mini Black One Piece in Episode 5

The ZEROPLANET dress was paired with the scene-stealing rose heel sandals from Loewe. She wore this when she decided to hang out with a fellow ex-Kpop idol in order to take her mind off Won-jun.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - Zeroplanet Dress

Doona Fashion Sweaters

1. ‘Since then’ Pink Sweater in Episode 1 (also seen in other episodes)

This is possibly the most memorable sweater worn by Doona throughout the season. Sporting this, she arrived at Won-jun’s university.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - Pink Sweater

2. Multi-coloured Striped Wool Sweater (Zadig & Voltaire) in Episode 6

Wearing this, she first discusses officially entering into a relationship with Won-jun during their trip, and later, confronts her ex-manager in the same outfit.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - Striped Sweater

Some Other Lee Doona Outfits

1. Doona’s Black Pants With Silver Sequin Hearts from Rockcake in Episode 2

While attention was mostly directed towards Doona’s dresses or tops, this particular pair of pants with silver hearts also won our heart.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - Heart Pants

2. Floral Cropped Sweater from Miu Miu in Episode 3

Yet another common feature in Doona’s style – floral prints. Suzy’s character offers us eye candy in the shape of her collection of colourful sweaters. This one also adopts Doona’s love for cropped upper-wear choices.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - Miu Miu Blue Sweater

3. One Shoulder Button Tee from ‘ThreeTimes’ in Episode 1

Off-shoulder tops are Doona’s go-to and we can see why. Suzy effortless charm carries this youthful style with ease and makes it one of our favourite looks on her, but also something that maybe we’d like to have in our wardrobe too one day.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - One Shoulder Top Ep 1

4. Pink Full Sleeves Top from Sugar Thrillz in Episode 3

Innocent as ever, Bae Suzy looks extra cute in this butterfly-print pink top that adds to Doona’s crop-top collection seen over the season.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - Pink Top

5. Corset Zip-Up Jacket from Crank in Episode 3

Doona plays basketball with Won-jun in this jacket, and its basic look gets taken a notch higher on the elegance scale due to its corset-shaped bodice that perfectly fits Suzy.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - Corset Jacket

6. Lace-Trim Blue Cropped Top in Episode 1

Presuming Won-jun to be her stalker fan, Doona confronts him in the first episode wearing this very top. It’s not the last time that we see her wearing blue, but the delicate outlook of this shirt and the laced-cuts on help us remember this one.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - Blue Ep 1 Top

7. Cargo Rust Overalls from Instant Funk in Episode

Wearing these overalls, Doona awaited Won-jun to finish his shift at the amusement park as she tried to entertain herself by taking rides and whatnot, but failed to make the most of the opportunity as she kept missing Won-jun. Later, they also go out for dinner together. It another one of Doona’s basic outfits styled with minimalism, yet it shines bright as a comfortable pick.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - cargo Overall

8. Sailor Mustang Jacket from ‘Lang n Lu’ + Cider’s Check Sweetheart Neck Crop Top and Buckle Belt Skirt

Doona also paired her crop top and belt skirt with an inner-wear – a full sleeves top underneath the sweetheart neck top. She wore this in Episode 8 when she went on a date to a concert with Won-jun and ended up getting invited to the stage and performing for the audience in a long time. She takes off the jacket for the performance and top-skirt look posits her with an innocent charm that goes along with her melodious delivery. It almost makes you think of Doona as a college student trying her hand at this art for the first time.

Doona Kdrama Outfits - Episode 8

Doona is now streaming on Netflix. Read our review of the K-drama here.

Which of these Bae Suzy style choices made in the Doona Kdrama did you love the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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