DXMON Minjae & Jo Shock Fans with Sudden Health Crisis, Fan Events in Jeopardy

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In a recent announcement, SSQ Entertainment disclosed that DXMON’s members Minjae and Jo are taking a hiatus due to sudden illness. As a result, the fan sign events scheduled for June 11 and June 13 have been postponed.

On June 11, SSQ Entertainment shared that Minjae and Jo experienced abnormal symptoms in the morning and were immediately taken to the hospital.

“According to the doctor’s recommendation for rest and stability, all schedules have been immediately suspended, and they’re currently resting,” the label revealed.

This sudden development has caused concern among fans, but the label assures everyone that the artists’ well-being is the top priority.

“We kindly ask for your understanding,” the label stated. “We’ll do our best to prioritize the health and safety of our artists and focus on their recovery.”

As soon as the announcement was released, netizens expressed both their concerns and support for the member.

  • “We understand the situation, please have lot of rest and recovers well Minjae and Jo. And the other members too!
  • Eat well and drink lot of water as the weather is hot it can be complicated to handle “
  • “Stop omg why am I crying plz feel better and rest”
  • “Feel better soon boys!”
  • “NOOO OMG, dont rush their recovery pls let them rest. I hope they feel better soon”
  • “Get well soon the boys should just rest and take care of themselves”
  • “wishing for a speedy recovery for minjae and jo! poor boys”
  • “Please recover fast and safely, stay healthy, fans will support you and wait for your recovery. We love you, rest well”

Despite this setback, DXMON has been active recently, with the release of their music video for “Vitamin You.” The group has been gaining momentum, and fans are hopeful for a swift recovery for Minjae and Jo so they can continue their activities.

In recent news, K-Pop boy group DXMON has officially debuted with their first mini-album, “HYPERSPACE,” released on January 22, 2024. Prior to this, they released one of the album’s title tracks, “Burn Up,” on January 1st, showcasing their confidence and ambitions.

The album features six new songs, including another title track, “SPARK,” an R&B and hip-hop song about love and aspirations. Other tracks include the rap-focused “N.W.B” and the fun, upbeat “VERY (딸기도둑),” which blends R&B and Future sounds.

The album also contains instrumental versions of “Burn Up” and “SPARK.” The group expressed their excitement and commitment to working hard following the album’s release.