In the MV, they filled her spot and they did well with the angle but in this video, it’s obvious that they made a spot for Ahyeon. If you look at the video, you can tell that Ahyeon will be back 

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1. [+31, -3]

Isn’t the quality of the song gonna improve so much once Ahyeon is back?

2. [+19, 0]

No but when they filmed the MB they should’ve filmed it so it matched the number of members… when a member is sick and can’t promote, they usually rework the formation for the stage but this is too much

3. [+17, -1]

Even if Ahyeon comes in, the quality of their songs will make them look like the female Treasure unless Teddy produces no?

4. [+16, 0]

They are not gonna add her in this song. There were photos of her on her way to YG. Even if they add her in later, she won’t be performing in this promotion

5. [+10, 0]

But the timing is such a shame… currently, IVE, Le Sserafim and aespa are monopolizing the charts. Taeyeon and Dean are releasing an album after years too and it’s Christmas season so the charts will just be filled with Christmas songs until 12/30…. The song aside, the timing is just so disappointing

6. [+9, 0]

So it wasn’t YG = Yang Hyunsuk but YG = Teddy..