An Yujin just looks extremely pretty lately

Especially when she wore that off-the-shoulder top with the ribbon in her short hair, she was crazy

I cannot think straight since An Yujin suddenly got prettier

She suits hair pins and ribbons with her short hair so much

An Yujin’s looks have been insane lately

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1. [+16, 0]

Her face is pretty, she’s 173 cm tall, has good proportions, is good at singing and live, is good at dancing, can pull off any concept well and she even has good leadership skills. She’s just so perfect as an idol. Her personality is super charming tooㅋㅋ And she’s a fixed member of Earth Arcade and Crime Scene

2. [+15, 0]

I found her likable on Earth Arcade but I totally became her fan on Crime Scene… Her whole person just seems so healthy…ㅠㅠ

3. [+15, -1]

I like Yujin with a high bun or half up-do so much ㅜㅜ She’s been in her legendary days ever since they changed their beauty salon. I also like how their styling has become more diverse

4. [+13, -1]

She has the face of someone with a good personality… first of all, her eyes are clear and beautiful so it gives a feeling that her heart is also clean. People say that someone’s eyes say a lot about themselves right?  HEr overall impression is one who isn’t weak and air-headed but who is intelligent

5. [+12, -1]

She’s really pretty with the half up-do. I hope they style her like that a lot