meenoi’s agency AOMG has released an official statement regarding her recent tearful live stream.

Previously on February 5, meenoi did an Instagram live in the early hours of the morning, during which she tearfully expressed, “I gathered my courage to speak out because I believe I’ll be able to clarify my current situation in the future. I’ve been awake for nearly two days straight, and I haven’t consumed any alcohol at the moment.” She continued, “At this point in my life, I’ve come to realize the actions I need to take to address questions about whether I can consider myself an artist and confidently assert that. By around March, people may understand why I said what I am saying now.”

Following the live stream, meenoi also shared a lengthy post on her Instagram, saying, “Everyone is living within the boundaries set by law, which [may] differ from my personal standards in life. Looking at it that way, there were actions I should have approached with more humility, but I have committed sins where I wasn’t able to do so, or could be perceived as such.” The post has since been deleted.

On February 7, the CEO of a cosmetic brand disclosed that meenoi, who had entered into a modeling contract with the brand, abruptly canceled a scheduled advertising shoot just two hours before the agreed-upon time on January 30.

In light of this revelation, AOMG issued the following official statement:

Hello, this is AOMG.

First of all, we’d like to apologize for causing concern to many people by this incident, and for not delivering an official statement promptly.

It is true that our artist meenoi failed to participate in the advertising shoot.

This was due to a discrepancy in understanding between our agency and the artist regarding the authority to sign the advertising contract on behalf of the artist. As a result, we were unable to narrow down the differences of opinion and she ended up missing the shoot.

During this process, feeling guilty for her absence from the shoot, the artist mentioned during the live broadcast that she had ‘committed a sin,’ and thinking that things would need some time to be sorted out, she said, ‘By around March, people may understand.’

As this matter involves not only our agency and the artist but also the advertiser, we couldn’t provide an immediate response, and we extend our apologies once again.

Currently, our agency and the artist have communicated smoothly with each other regarding this issue. We are also in the process of reaching an amicable agreement with the advertiser, and both our agency and the artist will do our best to promptly rectify any losses suffered by the advertiser by returning the contract’s down payment and providing compensation.

We kindly ask [everyone] to refrain from making indiscriminate assumptions or remarks about the artist’s statements [in her live stream], and we will strive to ensure that such incidents do not occur again in the future.”

CR: Soompi

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1. [+356, -2]

Canceling 2 hours before is seriouslyㅋㅋ ridiculous. She didn’t even contact the advertiser and cleverly baited everyone by going on livestream during that time..

2. [+344, -3]

meenoi is seriously amazing. She went on live crying and made the situation seem so dangerous that even the advertiser was scared to enforce a penalty. If something happened, only the advertisers will be at a loss. The advertisers are the only pitiful ones here…

3. [+296, -1]

Then she should’ve contacted the advertisers. It was a schedule planned a year ago so does it even make sense that she canceled 2 hours before and didn’t show up? And what’s more dumbfounding is that she went on livestream during that time

4. [+269, -4]

The advertiser seems freaking kind. Seeing how the cosmetic brand called AOMG a “big company”, they must be a small company. And they suffered all because of someone’s power tripping

5. [+237, -1]

No but despite the fact that she canceled beforehand, she should’ve explained the situation clearly and said that she felt sorry instead. I don’t understand why she would come on livestream crying and talking about the situation ambiguously and make this situation weird;;