“Chaengie who personally drew our BP mic🎤 Pretty. Rose, please reveal the sketches”

Those were the mics that BP used since Coachella and they said that Rose designed them… her sense of beauty is crazy

+ Rose’s drawing skills

What she drew when she was young

The helmet she drew for Boombayah

Her aimless drawings

post response:


Rose also planned the setting of the Coachella stage

2. [+30, -4]

Rose is freaking good at scrapbooking too. She’s solid at those kind of things

3. [+26, -1]

Before and after they changed their mics

4. [+22, -2]

Rose is good at drawing and scrapbooking. She’s born with artistic talent. The mic is also really pretty

5. [+22, -2]

The fancy mics match their fancy outfits like a glove. F*cking pretty