No but f*ck are they unable to not stay still with this kind of haircut? They already turned Sungchan into an acorn during Memories, it’s not like we’re playing baton touch here…

post response:


1. [+12, -1]

He looks like a goblin and it’s cute though??

2. [+9, -1]

But ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I like the fact that Taro wants to experiment with hairstyles even like this. There are barely any members who can pull off any concepts, and he was able to do it cutely 

3. [+8, -1]

He’s honestly cute and it looks good though…? I don’t think they did that hair as a joke, and I like it, it looks “sincerely” done.. 

4. [+8, -0]

He looks so cute, and it suits him 

5. [+6, -1]

He looks honestly quite adorable?? He kinda looks like he has small horns, it’s cute