It’s natural for the public watching it, but imagine seeing such acts performed by actors who are your parents, siblings, cousins, or relatives. Even if it’s acting, I don’t think I could do it

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1. [+145, -92]

To be honest, I don’t see the difference between that and selling your body. It’s just that they are not fully doing the act but they are still pretending to do it while acting and being undressed

2. [+142, -4]

I honestly don’t understand inserting unnecessary bed scenes… I honestly just lose my immersion because of them

3. [+110, -10]

Kim Goeun in Eungyo was just shocking

4. [+110, -2]

That’s what I’m saying… you get to see their whole body and you hear all their moans clearly. I’d f*cking hate it

5. [+100, -25]

I honestly don’t see the difference between that and being an AV actor/actress. Whether it’s gaining recognition by breaking into mainstream media through bed scenes or continuously starring in such films, I don’t really see much difference.