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So his IG followers are of no use

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1. [+79, -12]

He really sucks at singing too …ㅜ If he was a good singer, I’m sure people will try to listen to him, and will start recommending the song to people around them, but because he can’t sing, fans are just keeping the song to themselves… 

2. [+75, -13]

Cha Eunwoo is being pushed too much for his visuals, so nobody is expecting anything coming out from his acting and his singing 

3. [+73, -15]

It’s because Gangnam Beauty hit big in China that he got so many Chinese fans. He has a lot of Chinese and Asian fans, but if you look at all the dramas he’s done so far, none of them got that much good reactions… Cha Eunwoo’s group also flopped so nobody is really “keeping them in check” and even his antis are few ㅎㅎ 

4. [+65, -19]

I’m more shocked at how little Korean fans he has. So all of this was forced virality 

5. [+58, -98]

Seriously he became the representative forced virality of Fantagio.. If he was really handsome he wouldn’t hit only 1% on every drama