Considering her looks, isn’t she considered a beauty?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ there are a lot of people in the featured post saying that Taylor’s face is so-so which is quite surprising. Taylor’s looks get divided opinions? Really? I think that she’s really pretty though

post response:


1. [+106, -12]

The fact that people even judge Taylor’s face is bullsh*t

2. [+101, -25]

Considering Taylor Swift’s looks among other westerners, her looks are f********cking in line with the Korean taste…

3. [+66, -3]

Of course she’s pretty but I don’t think that she’s Korea’s taste. Same for Olivia Hussey, she has a face that’s especially liked in Asia. She’s not that hyped up overseas (she’s obviously still considered beautiful) but I think that every country has a type of face they like

4. [+56, -16]

She’s pretty but she looks too much like a white person

5. [+56, -17]

She’s f*cking pretty. Even Kim Taehee gets bashed on Pann for being only pretty because of her non-cosmetic procedures so who doesn’t even get hate on Pann?

6. [+36, 0]

Korea honestly isn’t too much into those features that are too western. I’m not sure why but even mixed Asians that are definitely super handsome and pretty wouldn’t be super popular here