1. Moas pushing the agenda that Yeonjun’s worldview is connected to Taemin 

Fact: TXT has been releasing a lot of spoilers for their next album through cover performances. They are not stealing other people’s songs, but they mainly gave hints through the title of the song they covered. They were not trying to steal the song, but they made people guess the next album using the word “guilty”, but Shawols started screaming about how they’re stealing people’s songs

So the person who first posted it apologized, but got attacked with family slurs..

OP: Because you guys were starting to create controversies over this, I deleted the post!! Sorry for making you frown so early in the morning. Let’s try to fangirl more amicably, isn’t it better? And please refrain from making excessive personal attacks towards me that aren’t even related

> So you switched up and deleted everything, go die you f*cking b*tch. A shameless motherless b*tch, you worked at my mother’s prostitution establishment. There were too many words and actions that could not be contained.

2. Yeonjun stole Guilty and went to write “#Yeonty” while acting like it’s their own songs (double standards)

“Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard’s HARD challenge”

“Guilty’s god”

3. Those who wrote about Yeonjun weren’t SHINee’s fans but Yeonjun’s haters

If you search up for Yeonjun on Twitter, all you can see is people talking about how Yeonjun stole the song all the while pretending like they’re not actually swearing at the artist

“Yeonjun-ah~ you who covered the stage because you honored your sunbae so much~~ Yeonjun go release a solo and wait not even 3 months to have another singer appropriate it, would you be excited? Yeonjun’s fans are excited and are applauding him, so I’m sure they’ll go “mansae” over it >_< Yaho~ Yeonjun’s solo title will be stolen by another signer. In the future, let’s make songs for other singers to steal”

Seriously we don’t want to be intertwined with them either, my mom is a Shawol, so I can kind of understand how people her age act like, but right now, we’re not even in 2010 anymore, but 2024. Who even considers covering a song “stealing”… 

Taemin is known to be a role model for so many idols and the song was requested by the award show

Isn’t it weird and creepy that so many people claim that he stole the song and that he went too far with even having backdancers?

And he’s even getting sworn at for respecting a sunbae

And Taemin even said himself that he liked it on his Bubble


This picture alone had over 30K likes and the RTs exploded

But Shawols terrorized the fansite and mass reported it to the point her account got suspended.. She’s trying to recover it, but it seems like a tough job + An international account with over 10K followers also got suspended through reports

It gives me goosebumps that people would go this far over a cover

I’m just gonna end with saying that there are also normal Taemin fans out there

“I’m a Taemin fan, but I’m so sorry about this dumbfounding event”

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1. [+110, -21]

Taemin’s songs are so scary now, I bet nobody would want to cover it anymoreㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+101, -15]

I’m another group’s fan who doesn’t really care about TXT, but the comments I read were honestly overly sensitive. There were lots of comments along the lines of “why is a nobody from a f*cking small agency trying to challenge a big agency like SM”

3. [+95, -12]

In order to properly cover this stage, Yeonjun said that he didn’t drink water since the evening before until the end of the performance. And night before the performance, he left a comment on Weverse saying he was so nervous and asked Moas to cheer him up, and as soon as the awards ceremony ended, he went live with the members and expressed his thoughts. He said he respects Taemin sunbaenim and learned a lot while preparing the cover.. I’ve been around a lot on Weverse, Fan Talk, Twitter, and YouTube, but I haven’t seen a single comparison saying that he was better than Taemin. Moas just liked the fact that Yeonjun covered Guilty. . I have never seen a single post talking about his intention to steal Guilty. Guilty is Taemin’s song no matter who sees it. I just guessed the word Guilty in the next album in connection with this album Free Fall. But instead, people brought up some speculative post to fabricate a controversy and send it to the top enter-talk section, and now accounts are getting shut down because of this, this is just upsetting 

4. [+82, -14]

It’s just hilarious that the table started to turn over that community that bashed Yeonjun with over 800 comments, and now they’ve suddenly deleted that post 

5. [+78, -14]

The post from yesterday was way too over exaggerated and the comments were all about “Taemin is the overwhelming winnter, Moas, why are you trying to touch him?” and about how people hated Moas, seriously you guys are grown ups, why are you still acting like that?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Pouring out all your swears at Choi Yeonjun and now even suspending accounts, what are you doing seriously?