[enter-talk] GD LIKED V’S PICTURE ㄷㄷ

He seems to be freaknig cool

This is hip hop~~~ 

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1. [+50, -1]

This is at the Paradise event. GD was attending it so of course he might like that post too. No need to infer any meaning to it 

2. [+44, -1]

There’s no point in making up stuff about GD liking things on IG, trolls go on and on about him liking posts all the time and try to find some meanings about it but even my friend who’s running a fanpage on him got his likes ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He liked her posts 3 times ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+40, -1]

GD always likes posts that has @ his account, #Gdragon/ #bigbang, #gd,#xxxibgdragon on it within 2-3 seconds of tagging him. He just uses an automatic service that likes his posts directly. He does it as fan service but he also likes events that he has attended. That’s why I-roaches are always trying to use it to their evil means and claim that he still likes his ex-members. In reality, GD went to that event to DJ

4. [+36, -6]

Looking at it right now, everything surrounding about V and GD just feel like an illusion. There’s nothing official about what their positions are and they haven’t confirmed on any rumors

5. [+34, -1]

There’s no meaning in trying to find the reason for GD to like certain posts or not, if you look at what he likes on his private account, that’s the real deal. His official account uses a robot to like anything that is related to him. It’s either because it promotes his business + fanservice + ads + keep people updated = all of this is for business. His private account is the one that follows his actual relatives. And in reality, he even attended that Paradise event.