[enter-talk] HANNI'S BODY IS CRAZY….

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The waist is so cinched
And her profile is pretty too
And she even has abs too?

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1. [+23, -1]

Even if she has a bit of weigth on in the MV, she still looked like that

2. [+22, -2]

She really matches those pants. And how can her waist be so cinched?ㅠ If you look at her with the hanbok outfit at the Kyungbokgoong performance, her waist was the size of a fist and she was so slender. There was so much forceed hate about her that even I got mad
3. [+19, -5]
Her face looks like a baby but her waist is legendary

4. [+12, -2]
She was always skinny. I don’t understand those f*cking ahjussis who have inferiority complex towards Hanni
5. [+8, -2]
Her waist to hips line is jjang pretty!!!