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These women weren’t with her but they were her fans so they were asking her to take a picture

And she took pictures as they followed them… she’s freaking kind

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1. [+137, -3]
If she starts doing this, she has to do even more. If she doesn’t do this to one person, the Internet will start writing posts about her treating people unfairly and being rude. And the place where such posts will originate from will be Pann
2. [+108, -4]
She was walking openly because she thought that people wouldn’t recognize her with her piercing but she was startled because fans asked her for a picture. The fact that she thought that she could’ve passed incognito with her piercings alone is freaking cute
3. [+36, -2]
The size of her face is basically the type of face that you would see in the streets and call “wow f********cking small”;; it’s freaking tiny
4. [+19, -4]
Her clothes fit and proportions are a fraud. How can she be only 165 cm tall?
5. [+15, -2]
Her face is legendarily small