Was he missing Yunho and Changmin? … It’s kinda funny but sad too.. F*ck 

“I don’t even know if I can say someting like this.. Yunho, Changmin, I miss you both… No matter what people say, they’re my members, and they’re guys that I know more than anyone else… I don’t know if I’m just talking in vain but… I’ve been missing you for a long time”

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TVXQ ended with the oilet meanwhile Bigbang ended with that Seung-f*ckerㅋㅋ The 2 great forces of the 2nd generation of KPOP were the original one tops but now they’ve been bombarded by too many irreversible bombsㅋㅋ from room salon Yunho to druggie TOP, the more time passed, the more they got sworn at, but they could still recover, but they officially ended with the toilet and Seung-f*cker

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If only Toilet Yoochun didn’t f*cking act up, they would’ve still been TVXQ OT5

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During Taeyeon’s concert, when she saw Sooyoung there, she said that she was her bestfriend. It makes me wonder if they can reunite as bestfriends again ㅠ Because of those 2’s controversies, it’ll be hard, but I hope I’ll get to see Jaejoong and Changmin duet

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I’ve just got to learn about what happened with TVXQ and Kim Jaejoong is ㅠㅠ I just feel so bad for him. Imagine talking like that, just how much understanding and forgiveness he’s given themㅠ He’s still just as handsome, his self-management is crazy 

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This was after they split? Sigh..