I’m talking about kids who can’t sing liveㅇㅇ

Back then, if you hated on LE, the comments were always trying to grab IVE by the hair too

They would say things like “they also suck at live so why are you only nitpicking us!”

Honestly, I also didn’t like IVE because they couldn’t sing live 


I saw this and they f*cking improved?

Of course, they won’t make you go “they are f*cking good!”

But they were all on key and all the members pulled off more than their own part

Kang Wonyoung and Gaeul really look like idols now

And Liz and Yujin are definitely main vocalsㅋㅋㅋ

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1. [+61, -2]

Seriously, even when Jang Wonyoung received negative media play, she never try to be passive aggressive and instead, tried her best to work on herself which I find honestly impressive… Jang Wonyoung usually mixes a bit of nasal voice as soon as the pitch goes higher so I was worried about her HEYA performance this time but she fixed all her high notes

2. [+39, -1]

It’s really cool how they are quietly improving and working hard…

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What’s more is that even when IVE were caught in live singing controversies, Liz and Yujin were still consistently goodㅇㅇ But as for the groups mentioned in the title, there’s not one member who’s good…

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The comment below is so true. IVE has quietly built up their skills without making a fuss or relying on viral marketing, but without encore lives, they’re likely to get criticized for using AR or post-production editing even when they perform well, like in this video… I’m upset

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I saw something retweeted on Twitter about Yujin and Liz always being good, and the other members handling their parts well, but Wonyoung had a bit of a weaker image. However, in this latest activity, her live singing has really improved, her vocal strength has become more solid, and she’s shown a lot of growth in many ways, which is really praiseworthy

“Jang Wonyoung’s live singing is so good, it’s making me want to vomit (T/N: in a good way)… Her live vocals are even better than the recording, especially her low notes… I feel like I’m going to lose my mind, f*ck”