My face is exactly like Roh Jeongui’s old faceㅠㅠ I wonder what kind of procedures I need to do to change my face shape dramatically like hers..?

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Lose weight..^^

2. [+117, -15]

To the kids claiming that she shaved her jaw, do you know how much weight she lost?ㅋㅋㅋ you can clearly see how f*cking skinny she looks even in journalist photos. So of course her face shape would change too. But you guys have to insist that she touched her aface

3. [+114, -13]

Roh Jeongui’s weight is in the 30 kgs… Everybody, try to lose weight until you weight 30 kg. Are you still gonna talk about plastic surgery? Just losing 5 kg will change your face shape… and Roh Jeongui was also in the process of losing her baby fat while losing weight but you guys can’t accept the fact that she can change even without surgeryㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+110, -9]

But Roh Jungi’s weight loss is really obvious to anyone… She was naturally slender to begin with, but during her younger years, there were still some baby fat left on her face, and now she has lost so much weight that she’s in the high 30kgs range. Moreover, she receives professional care (things like acupuncture or botox) because she’s in the entertainment industry, so it’s natural for her face to become even slimmer… It doesn’t seem like she underwent jaw reduction surgery. People who have had that surgery often have a distinctive sharp jawline, but Roh Jeongui’s jaw doesn’t have that at all. It just looks like she lost a lot of weight.

5. [+82, -2]

Even within the same drama, the difference in appearance between the first and final episodes clearly shows how drastically she lost weight. She allegedly lost weight down to 39 kg at 165 cm tall, so there couldn’t have been any fat left on her face… As she matured, her baby fat naturally disappeared. She obviously have also received a lot of different treatments and procedures like acupuncture, jaw botox,  Inmode, Shrink