I really felt like that when looking at this picture

If you hide her lower face and only look at her eyes, she looks like Jennie

But if you hide her eyes and only look at her lower face, she looks like Joy

Hanteo Ningning was legendary

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1. [+29, -3]

I don’t know about her lower face but when she has heavier makeup + high bun, she looks like Jennie but when she has her hair down and has lighter makeup, she looks like Joy…. Her makeup makes her look like a cat or a fruit depending on how it’s done

2. [+15, 0]

Yup, her eyes are like Jennie and the remaining looks like Joy

3. [+4, -1]

I agree that she has both Joy and Jennie’s vibes. Ningning is pretty

4. [+4, -1]

She looks more refined than Joy and more babyish than Jennie

5. [+4, 0]

Even if you cover her eyes or her lower face, she still looks like Ningning