To be honest, his teeth are not super even but I find it pretty charming how his bunny teeth are longer than the other teeth
Also, teeth that are too straight and big kinda look too artificial so..
It’s good to fix the asymmetry but my teeth are also asymmetrical but it’s against my will;

Anyways, I’m just saying that his surgery were not excessive and he looks more handsome in a natural way which I like.
Sungchan’s teeth also give off that bunny vibe and they look cuter than completely straight teeth

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It’s a bit unrelated but I seriously hate the look of laminated teeth. I think that it’s becoming less common these days which is good

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He looks natural because he didn’t laminate his teeth

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I like that he looks natural

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He’s pretty when he smiles

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There are a lot of set of teeth that look pretty even when they’re untouched. This is a case where they should not touch his teeth

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The trend nowadays is not to fix your teeth too much. NewJeans Haerin also have teeth that protrude(?) but that’s her charm. Lamination look fine at first but later, they create a black border around your teeth and I hate the look of super white teeth against rotten surrounding and it looks too artificial… If they want to fix their teeth, they should go the natural route. It just becomes ugly with age. I like the natural look way more