He’s been copying Song Kang’s super power concept from My Demon and using the OST to release Reels about himself, right now, his followers are going up…. Even on his hashtags, he’s using Song Kang’s name yet he writes stuff like “I don’t think I look like Song Kang” but he keeps acting like Song Kang. What do you guys think of him? Is he the 2nd Minseo Gongie… (t/n: Minseo Gong = influencer infamous for being a Park Bogum copycat)

Comment: It’s true that you’re handsome but it’s also true that you don’t look like him, but it’s just funny that you’re trying to blow up as an influencer by using Song Kang’s name in your hashtag and even explained that and now, you’re just known as a “Song Kang lookalike”. It’s not that we’re refuting this as Song Kang’s fans, it’s that anyone passing by can tell you f*cking don’t even look like him. You just look like a Son Minsoo who don’t even look like him while you want to look like him so badly..” (t/n: Son Minsoo = copycat character from Cheese in the Trap) 

Influencer: Me too I can acknowledge that I look nothing like him! However, since the content that I made received good responses, I’m making those videos to bring entertainment… I’m not thinking “I look like Song Kan right? Please look at me” ㅠㅠ If I were to harm Song Kang nim and My Demon’s drama, it would definitely be my fault but I feel like creating contents should be my freedom 

Comment: You don’t look like Song Kang, in real life, you’re short and your proportions are also bad, so stop this

Influencer: I’m 179, which is above average and there are lots of people who enjoy my content, in the future, if you see me in real life, please come say that to my face directly

– Sigh please cut it down 

– No but please cut it down ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– Even Song Kang will get a reality check if he saw this 

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1. [+89, -3]

Why are you posting Jun Hyunmoo’s pictures though… Please post the Song Kang lookalike instead

2. [+59, -2]

He looks like Jun Hyunmoo 

3. [+44, -4]

He looks like Park Gunwook 

4. [+34, -1]

All the circled ones aer using My Demon’s songs and using Song Kang for content like his super power, after that, so many people were telling him to stop, but because a lot of people were also enjoying this, he keeps on doing it… But there are of course lots of people uncomfortable with this 

5. [+31, -2]