[enter-talk/instiz] ILLIT ARE THE 2ND NEWJEANS

I see Hanni and HAerin but what’s up with their hairstyles?

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1. [+77, -1]

It’s a fact that they are copying NewJeans because they are doing so well in HYBE. ILLIT took all of NewJeans’ hair and makeup staffs

2. [+74, -1]

The agency is a bit incompetent and doesn’t realize that following the NewJeans will be poisonous to the members.. The styling doesn’t suit any of the member and it just feels like they are wearing clothes that don’t fit them

3. [+58, -1]

I get that they are under the same company it makes me wonder where their business morality went for just copying another group like that

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Where do you see Hanni and Haerin?

5. [+35, -1]

They give off poor imitation vibes


1. Wow they are already at the Fashion Week

2. Our JjangLLIT, you guys worked hard at your first Fashion Week💓

3. Big companies sure are different. They are attending a fashion show before debutㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ daebak

4. Everyone is so pretty but is this the best hair they can get?… Aside from Yoona, they are all so-so…

5. No but are they really rookies who haven’t debuted yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Minjoo is so pretty