Her IG remained like that

post response:


1. [+133, -9]

Ah her personality must really be the honest type, she really seems like a professional and this is cool of her, even though she can be sensitive 

2. [+125, -3]

There are lots of people especially male idols who will delete their apology after time passed, or people who will just release an apology on their story 

3. [+106, -10]

You guys just don’t care about her, btu if you did, you’d realize that Irene actually apologized 3 times.. I hope you saw how her actions changed after her apology and stopped swearing at her 

4. [+90, -5]

The fact that she didn’t erase it is impressive, the common thing to do is to erase everything once time has passed

5. [+45, -5]

Honestly it’s nice to see that she actually reflected