Giuseppe Zanotti was posted on his official account a while ago, and he also left a comment on Rose’s Instagram.

They have no ambassador for any of their shoes yet or any ambassador for their brand at all.

If Rose is added as a shoe ambassador, she will become a legend from the uncrossable wall.

Due to the nature of the brand, the probability is low, but right now, thanks to Rose, these shoes are being sold out. 

I’m sure the brand will welcome the idea of having her as an ambassador.

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1. [+19, -1]

She’s also the first Asian to be featured on the LVMH financial annual report 

2. [+17, -1]

YSL’s cothing, Tiffany & Co’s accessories, Rimowa’s bags, Sulhwasoo’s skincare, she’s the global ambassador for all these brands and she’s the one top when it comes to their global campaign. Rose’s class is being the all-rounder in terms of an ambassador ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+16, -0]

Crazy if she even gets the shoes ambassadorship..Just what is Rose about… 

4. [+14, -1]

World class

5. [+13, -0]

Which field is Rose not an ambassador of?