She’s f*cking explosive. Too pretty

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1. [+38, -2]

Her body is f*cking er*tic. I’m not saying it in a bad way, it’s just f*cking prettily seductive. I’m freaking jealous

2. [+15, 0]

It’s just because she hasn’t hit big yet. Once she hits big, all the kids will become her fan. Her arms and legs are also freaking long so she looks f*cking refreshing¬†

3. [+8, 0]

She’s not forcing something she doesn’t have. Instead, she’s just casually exposing what she has. She’s super hot….

4. [+3, 0]

Ah I like Natty so much. I also find Julie from her group f*cking hot

5. [+1, 0]

Her proportions are crazy. She just gets your attention. She’s young but I feel like if she debuted in JYP, she might have neve found her own color.