“This sounds like a joke”

They’re in the same company and the same center, is this really the outcome of their work…

The concert notice design for NCT 127 was done f*cking half-as** and just dumped whatever they could find, meanwhile for DREAM, they made a statue for every single one of them

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But this is just their concept difference, why are you comparing them like that?

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But Mark and Haechan are honestly impressive, I’m not a fan and I’m worried about their health 

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I’m a fan who joined the fandom late, so I might not know, but is this true??

“There is so much data showing that they sold out their European tour in 2019 when they’ve never even promoted in Europe at all, so I can’t believe they haven’t been to Europe even once after that ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are these crazy f*ckers?”

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And the fact that they wrote “And More” is f*cking disgusting, stop giving us fake hopes… The members must be looking forward to this as well, but I bet they’ll crush our hopes down 

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I’m not swearing at the fact that they’re investing money for DREAM, but they wrote “And More” in the NCT 127 poster meanwhile we can clearly see the dates from DREAM’s tour and they’re already fully booked ㅋㅋ They’ve spent so much money on The Link from Europe to the US and once Two Baddies was over, they went to the US twice and in the beginning of 2023, they went to North America and South America again and have never been to Europe again.