Her face freaking changes depending on the makeup

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1. [+27, 0]

She looks like Kazuha + Minji

2. [+25, -1]

She’s the prettiest in BaeMon to me. I don’t really care about the rest aside from Ahyeon + Chiquita

3. [+17, -1]

It’s fascinating how pretty celebrities are. My eyes are bigger and my double eyelids are also more distinct but why are they so much prettier than me?…

4. [+12, -1]

They are always pushing RR but from what I see… RR is colorless and charmless while she’s the one that attracts my attention

5. [+9, 0]

She looks just as pretty though….

6. [+7, -1]

Someone’s face shape is definitely important… to be honest, if you just look at her facial features, there are a lot of commoners who have prettier features than her