F*cking pretty… Gaeul looks freaking amazing with black hair

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1. [+70, -15]

What’s interesting about her is that she really has a freaking pretty face but there’s something ugly about her… I wonder why

2. [+26, -7]

She’s the 2nd idol whose debut is fascinating to me (#1 is a secret)

3. [+15, -3]

Aside from the photos with her nose bridge, there’s no front-facing photos of her. Also, her wavy hair gives her that ‘pretty girl’ image but she doesn’t look like a celebrity

4. [+3, 0]

She kinda has that ‘daughter of a celebrity’ image. She’s the type of person who would appear on TV once just for being pretty

5. [+3, 0]

She was pretty as a trainee too but black hair doesn’t suit her, there are other colors that suit her best