IVE Liz and Leeseo shot an ad together

And Liz is honestly daebak

There were photoshoot in the past where Liz would be the only one excluded because she was chubby

But she suddenly lost weight and just like her name, she’s really in her legendary days now (T/n: liz/리즈 = legendary)

Honestly, it makes me happy to see Liz working hard

Imagine how humiliating it was to be the only one excluded in a photoshoot??

And now Liz is emerging as a core member of the team

She’s seriously impressive. Liz’s efforts are seeing the light

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1. [+14, 0]

Leeseo will really be daebak once she becomes and adultt

2. [+11, 0]

Liz really got so much prettier. She worked hard to lose the weight

3. [+6, 0]

No but Liz is in her legendary days but Leeseo is also crazy pretty

4. [+2, -14]

They are just Jang Wonyoung’s maids ^^

5. [+1, 0]

They became models for Calvin Klein?