Mina is 163 and Leeknow seems to be standing a little bit behind her but taking that into account, he must be around 168-170..

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Are trolls after Leeknow lately? But he’s freaking handsome so there’s no offence taken at all

2. [+24, -4]

He’s living his successful life earning hundreds of millions and donating hundreds of millions of won and doesn’t even look at you, so you should just worry about your own life

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You bast*rds are back at it again with the height talk

4. [+19, -16]

He’s f*cking handsome so it’s fine.. he’s probably above 170

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6. [+10, -2]

Even if you’re taking screencaps randomly, he comes out looking handsome. Just take a look at the handsome bare faced Leeknow~~